Saturday, November 26, 2011

What Now?

My parents have been begging (BEGGING) to keep the baby for months. Well, Thanksgiving was the first time that we were ever willing to separate ourselves from him for longer than a few hours. My mom asked, and my husband and I agreed that we would leave him with my parents and pick him up a couple of days later. My parents, especially my mom, were over the moon. I packed his food, clothes, and favorite toys and videos so that he would be comfortable with my folks.

Fast forward to a conversation we hand during our drive home...

Zack: I wonder what Charlie is doing right now.
Me: I bet he's in the backseat sleeping. (pause) Well, I guess not.

An hour later while watching a movie...

Zack: I sure do miss Charlie. He'd be playing in the play yard right now.
Me: Yeah, lets enjoy the movie. (getting settled into being without baby)

Two hours later as we're going to bed...

Zack: I wonder how Charlie is doing.
Me: (annoyed) I'm sure he's fine!

At lights out...

Zack: (sleeping)
Me: (obsessively watching videos of Charlie on my phone)

I had been so excited at the prospect of getting one full night of uninterrupted sleep, but that was not the case.

I could not sleep at all!!! I absolutely missed having my little man in the crib next to our bed. I love listening to him breathe and snore. I LOVE the feel of his breath as I lean in closer to hear him breathe. I missed kissing him and his toes goodnight.

I enjoyed the next day, but I texted my mom a million times to see how he was doing.

I slept much better Friday night, but I totally look forward to picking him up today!