Thursday, June 28, 2012

Types of Intelligence: Bam Bam

I've never been the brightest student in a classroom... Actually, I've been that mediocre student who is super nice to the teacher in hopes that my great personality will get me a good grade. I actually had a hard time with this when I went to college because I thought I was a great student until I found that there were actually a lot of people who were smart and depended on their brainiac abilities (eye roll). It wasn't until I finally declared psychology as a major that I accepted that I didn't have to be as smart as those geniuses. I found (somewhere in a book) that there are several types of intelligence. One of those types is the ability to be social... I claim that one. Now that I have a little kid, I don't expect him to be Einstein (although it is not NOT a possibility for him to be Einstein). I do expect him to be a good person and hard working. With that having been said, I have noticed that girls Charlie's age are far more advanced with their language development... and that is fine... because my kid is a physical genius. He can climb and scale and jump off of anything! He can throw things and tear it all up. He can run and go down the slide several types of ways without even an ounce of fear. He is so physical that I often compare him to Bam Bam from the Flintstones. As a matter of fact, he used to say "BOOM!" whenever he did something crazy. I've had my lip busted and been head butt-ed in the nose so hard that I.just.KNEW it was broken. He has flipped himself upside down while sitting on someone's shoulders and laughed his face off. He has scared me to pieces... my heart and nerves all tied up in one big ball of fear. He wrestles, and he is rough. When the time comes, we will be putting him in football (which I'm terribly nervous about), tee-ball, soccer, basketball, tennis, and swimming (and maybe even lacrosse). As he gets older, his father (I'm absolutely sure) will put him in wrestling. We want him to express his physical intelligence in as many ways as possible. Who knows... we might have a little Olympic gold medalist on our hands... or a million dollar professional athlete! Go BAM-BAM!