Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Safari Chic- Toucan

Full of color and life is the toucan and so am I.
I want to start with... I LOVE THIS SKIRT!!! I think someone donated it to the Goodwill as a gift to me. I bet the wind whispered to the previous owner of this skirt that I was scouring and pining over a bird skirt on Anthropologie.com, but I was too frugal to pay for it. That woman took it to the cleaners, packed it away nicely, and gave it to me via the Goodwill. That is the story of how I came to own this!
The skirt and shirt (which I also got from the Goodwill) are both 100% silk and feel like 100% goodness against my skin. The shirt has a heavy but soft feel, and I love the way it drapes on my shoulders. The belt is leather, and I got it from Plato's Closet. Once more... just look at the print of this skirt! It is so much fun!!! I love it so much that I actually took it to the cleaners instead of dumping it in the washing machine and praying that it will come out right like I did with the silk shirt.

Safari Chic- Gazelle

The gazelle... Its a form of antelope... did you know that?! I chose it because it is the shortest of the versions of antelope and super fast. According to the all knowing Wikipedia, it can reach speeds of 60mph.
I centered this outfit around the bag which was a gift from my mom. Now that I'm into animal print, I can really appreciate it because at first I didn't know what to do with it. I just bought this khaki skirt to replace another skirt that doesn't quite fit the way it used to. I don't know if it lost its shape or I'm just tired of wearing it, but its getting donated soon. I got this shirt because I love the way it feels against my skin. It feels like air (if air were made of fabric). I find that I'm thrifting a lot of shirts with this quality...big... flowing... soft... and in most cases, pastel.
The necklace is a gift from an old co-worker who brought it back after visiting with his family in Egypt. I really like it but haven't worn it in the three years that I've had it. I promise to wear it now that I'm trying all these new things. I bought the belt back in the Jurassic era from Target... seriously, I've had this belt since high school.
And these are my very first pair of thrifted shoes (along with a pair of Seychelles pumps). I got them from Plato's Closet for about eight bucks. I was terrified of thrifted shoes, but I sprayed them over and over with Lysol, and they were barely used. The Ross tag was still on the bottom, and they're actually very comfortable!

Monday, July 30, 2012

(Inspiration Monday) Safari Chic- Tiger

I'm finally participating in Two Birds' Inspiration Monday. For the last three weeks, I've been putting together outfits each Monday... just to not take pictures and not post them to my blog. (eye roll) I spent my time finishing projects I've been putting off all summer like painting my entire upstairs and guest bedroom headboard. Ashlee Simpson is the inspiration:
I guess the only reason I'm prepared this week is because this is also one of my outfits for the Thrift Store Runway. The animal for this outfit is the tiger.
Yeah... Yeah... Yeah... I know that tigers are from Asia, but I didn't know what kind of African animal could go with this outfit. And I wasn't going to go with a dirty zebra, so a tiger will have to do.
This shirt is a Versace (although not the ornate kind) that I got from Goodwill. And yes, I bought it just because it was a Versace shirt... but, it fits well and is very crisp. The pants, bangles, and earrings are also from Goodwill. The clutch is from Platos Closet.
The necklace is actually the detachable strap from the clutch, and the scarf is a hand-me-down from my mom. It matches perfectly with the flap of the clutch. I think they were twins separated at birth.
I just got these shoes from the Target clearance for nine bucks!!! Ironically, they're more comfortable than my black patent heels from Aldos which will be donated... because one day you're in and the next, you're out (especially when cheaper, more comfortable shoes are involved!).

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Safari Chic- Leopard

I'm so excited to be posting my first thrifted outfit! I have about five outfits that I am going to submit to the Thrift Store Runway... and because it is a runway competition to see how well contestants organize thrifted fashion (and my severe obsession with Project Runway), I decided to design a thrifted collection. The theme of this collection is "Safari Chic". I wanted to go with "Welcome to the Jungle", but I felt like the fact that my hair wasn't done would not allow me to do that theme justice... AND I wanted to take the pictures outside but couldn't because I was taking the pictures myself. So... Safari Chic it is. I got my inspiration from different animals that might be found on a safari. The first is the Leopard.
It really is a beautiful creature, isn't it?! I had to google the difference between leopards, cheetahs, and jaguars... and although I am not absolutely sure of the differences between the three, I chose the leopard because it has shorter legs, is adapts well to different environments, and it can hunt down and consume any animal it can catch. It just sounds fierce, and I'd want to be a leopard if I were a cat (but jaguars are a close second because they are probably the most beautiful).
Everything I'm wearing (with exception of the shoes) is thrifted. The shirt, shorts, bangles, and earrings are from Goodwill, and the belt is from The Drake Closet. My shoes are Cynthia Vincent for Target (and I love them!).
I took these pictures in my son's room, and that tree is about as "safari" as its going to get.
Do you see his painting in the background?! I tried to be creative and do an art project with him. Lets just say that I'm definitely NOT a teacher for toddlers. We had paint everywhere! Now that its dry, I'm going to eventually put it in the frame it is sitting on and hang it on the wall.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Kroger... again

I went back to Kroger to get a few groceries for dinner, and this is the progress that has been made.
but this is what remains...
yes... sodas by the dairy... its obviously still a work in progress. I don't know why I expected the grocery store fairies to come and complete the work overnight. Anyway... they were having a major sale on the meats and things. There were Manager Specials everywhere!!! YAY!!!!!
We have enough to last about a month... maybe longer!!! I'm in the process of cooking all the ground meat and freezing the rest in marinades (thanks to the good pinners of Pinterest!).

Monday, July 23, 2012

Sunflowers and Sunshine

A good friend of mine suggested a few weeks ago that we take Charlie to the sunflower fields so that we could take pictures. We finally got to do that today!
We were both expecting to be able to walk up and down isles of sunflowers, but due to the rain, a lot of grass and such had grown up in the walkways, and it looked like a beautiful sunflower jungle.
We only stayed for about eight minutes so that we could take a few photos.
Then we went to Jason's Deli for dinner!!!

Friday, July 20, 2012


For whatever reason, I've really been obsessed with Indian clothing. I think it is absolutely gorgeous...
the colors...
the femininity...
the bling... Its just beautiful! And for the last few weeks, I've wanted some of this in my closet. My local Goodwill has had several Indian pieces but none that really inspired me like the kind that I see on tv or weddings. That is... until yesterday! I was doing my usual random walk through the other day and ran across something special.
I texted a friend and asked her if I should buy it (I was going to buy it anyway... I just wanted her to see it asap). I bought it and paired it with some white jeans and heels for a girls night out!
The top and the earrings are thrifted... and I LOVE them!

Renovations at Kroger

I live in an area with a gazillion grocery stores, but I only care to go to one of them, and that is my local Kroger. It is three minutes from my house, and the friendliest people work there. I adore it. I once went in at 6:45am looking for turkey meatballs for my annual holiday brunch, and one of the guys searched with me for like 20 minutes. After concluding that they just didn't have them, he proceeded to talk to me about how he grew up in some part of Georgia where they farm chickens. And every time I go in with my kid, they are just so sweet to him, and it literally feels like a small neighborhood grocer instead of a chain. I've been so much in the last four years that I know that place like the back of my hand. I could probably walk through that place blindfolded... that is until recently... Some Kroger exec decided that it would be best to renovate MY store and make it different. I walked in last week and noticed that they'd moved the entire wall of water and put it somewhere else. I didn't think about it at that time because we had several gallons of distilled water at the house. Well, a couple of days ago, I went into the store, and the entire left side was being moved around. I couldn't handle what I was seeing, so I went to the right side (meats and produce) to compose myself. After I got what I needed from that side, I slowly walked toward the renovation to get some distilled water. I literally nearly had a panic attack because my beloved store had been turned upside down. Associates walked around with smock type coverings with "ASK ME" on them, and people were milling around like ants. I hated it! I nabbed a guy with an "ask me" smock on and asked him where the water was... and he had to turn and ask someone else just to make sure he actually new where it was. I tried to take pictures, and in fact I think I did take a couple, but they were terrible. I deleted them. I really feel hurt that they decided to change the store because now it is a stranger to me... but this change doesn't change their staff, so I'll keep going back so that I can learn this new place like I did the old. (but its going to be hard)

Switsuits... revisited

This is me and my little man at the pool... sporting our swimwear.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Eat Rocks!

My kid... My kid... He's that weird kid who runs around on the playground eating rocks. I went to get him from daycare today, and he was having a blast running around the teacher with her water spritzer bottle. I walked out to give him a hug, and this little guy shoves a piece of tree bark into his mouth. I quickly get it out as he kicks and laughs on the ground. *eye roll* So... I decide that since he's having so much fun, I should just hang out on the playground with him and the other kids and talk Pinterest with his teachers. When the teachers told the kids to line up on the wall so that they could go inside, I rallied my kid and his friends and stood on the wall with them. At that time, my mohawked kid looks at me with Georgia clay colored drool dripping from his mouth. My gut was gripped as I just KNEW one of his new teeth had cracked out of his mouth... Instead, he spits out two little rocks. This is like the third day that I've caught him eating rocks on the playground... if its not rocks, he's somewhere tasting the dirt! It freaks me out!!! Like... my kid is that weirdo that eats dirt on the playground... seriously! Yes, he's suave with the ladies, but he freaking eats dirt!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Suimsuits and $H!%

I LOVE shopping... like, I adore it! Spending my money on clothes I will (or won't) wear is my favorite thing to do when I'm not with my kid. BUT... the one thing I despise shopping for is a swimsuit. I haven't purchased a swimsuit since I got married five years ago, and I wouldn't have spent the time buying one now except for the one that I'd been wearing had lost most of its elasticity, so my boobs were somewhere near my belly button, and the whole thing just looked like crap. I used it for one last time about a week ago, and after seeing myself in pictures, I threw it away upon walking into the house. I walked to my bedroom wrapped in a towel cussing myself (and my husband) for getting pictures of be below my neck. I resolved to taking the kid to the pool in a sports bra and biking shorts and a cover up... but then I realized that a friend of ours is having a pool party for her little girl this Saturday, and my current idea of a swimsuit would totally be inappropriate around anyone other than family. So.... I went on my own to search for a cheap suit because I refuse to spend regular price on anything. Needless to say, Target had been picked clean through and there was no way I was going to buy something that belonged to a 15 year old. While I was out with my boys at the mall yesterday picking up a gift, I decided that I also should go to Macys and see if I could find something to wear to this party. My expectations were low. While I searched the racks and turned my nose up at everything, my husband made the tragic comment of "Just pick something... You just need something to get in the water!" I turned with fire in my eyes and yelled, "It IS NOT something just to get in the water! You don't understand what I'm going through! I'll come back on my own because this is all bull!!!" I think he walked away with the kid and mumbled that we weren't leaving until I found something. I. was. on. fire!!! I tried on a bikini and decided that my mom gut would not let me look as great as I needed to look, so I yanked it off and put it back on the return rack. I decided that I must get a one piece but that it cannot be a halter like the one I just threw away (this decision decreases my chances of being able to successfully find something by like 90%!!!). Anywhoo... after about an hour, I found two that worked very well for me. One is by Tommy Hilfiger and looks like this
and the other is a black and white strapless (but comes with straps) little number with ruffly things down the front. When I got to the register, I slammed them on the counter and the associate smiled and said, "So, I see you were able to find something." I answered by telling her how much I loathe shopping for swimsuits because your never quite look the way you imagine in your mind. She agreed and mentioned that all the women who enter those fitting rooms come out with the same defeated feeling. But its all good for me... because I won't be buying another swimsuit for five years!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Gimme My Strap!

I was at a store the other day, and while I was walking around, I noticed this crazy little kid (around 3 or 4) straight acting a fool. He actually startled me by jumping from behind something and running away. I calmly walked away... looking out the corner of my eye for his parent. I noticed that he was with his mom and grandmother who just so happened to be riding in a wheel chair (yes, thats an important piece of info) **Fast forward about 15 minutes*** As I was leaving, this same little kid ran right in front of me cutting me off so that he could get a toy. He grabbed it and proceeded to scream at his mother that he wanted it. When she said no, this brat fell out of the floor and started losing his mind! I thought to myself "he sure couldn't be mine because if he was..." As I was thinking how I'd react if he were in fact mine, his grandmother turned around in her wheelchair and sternly told the mother, "Gimme my strap!" I smiled in side and gave that woman a standing ovation. She couldn't get up out that chair fast enough, but I knew that back in her "mother" days she must've been a beastin' disciplinarian. And while many people don't agree with spankings (and that is truly ok with me), I will raise my kid the way I and all the family before me was raised... with the "strap".

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Slipped Through My Fingers

Sooooo... This was your girl in the middle of the Goodwill at 10:35 this morning after NOT being able to locate a metal and leather belt I had scoped out yesterday at 5:30pm. I'm still hot at the person who was able to purchase it in the few hours I'd left it in the store. I was gonna get it for like $1.72!!! Damn!!!!!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Better to Label Your Canisters

This morning I woke up with a taste for pancakes which is somewhat unusual since I often wake up with a hankering for cheese eggs, bacon, and biscuits. I also don't usually crave pancakes because of my position at a job I had many years ago. I worked at a teen/young adult shelter, and part of my (and my partner's job) was to make breakfast for the residents. Every time we asked them what they wanted, they'd say pancakes and bacon... EVERY. SINGLE. SATURDAY. AND SUNDAY!!! I made so many pancakes that my partner coined me with the nic-name "Pancake" and I didn't eat pancakes for about a year after leaving that job. So... My husband, because he apparently grew up eating pancakes on weekends or whatever, usually is the one to make ALL pancakes in our house, and he is wonderful at making them. Actually, he makes 90% of breakfast because he's so good at it, but today I decided to make them. When I went into the fridge to get the mix, I noticed that we only had about a cup. I instantly wanted to tear the door off the fridge and throw some stuff, but I didn't. My reaction to my own pantry is often like this and I'm always improvising. I sprang into action googling pancake recipes that call for ingredients I actually have on hand. I whipped out my all purpose flour and then realized, "WAIT! I have wheat flour!!! I'll use that!" I went into the cabinet, pulled it out, and proceeded to make pancakes (in which I put pureed strawberries and applesauce... yum!). This is what I made.
They look good, right? Well, after giving one to my kid, I decided to taste one. **double sigh** I realized that what I thought was wheat flour was actually cornmeal. So... I quickly googled cornmeal pancakes and found this site. http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/2012/05/cornmeal-pancakes-with-blackberry-syrup/ While I know that my pancakes were already made, finding a recipe for cornmeal pancakes made me feel better for mixing up ingredients. And no... the pancake recipe I followed was not the same as the one on thepioneerwoman.com. *shrug* BUT... I did what any good cook would do. I drizzled some homemade blueberry preserves and syrup (courtesy of my MIL) and made the best of the situation.
Charlie ate two, my husband ate some (which was VERY surprising because he's super particular), and I had two. They were heavy and tasted like sweet cornbread, but at least we had breakfast.

Thrifting at Thirty

I have always enjoyed being a frugal shopper. Like seriously... when I was a teenager and I'd get money for some holiday or event, I couldn't wait to take my bucks to Lenoxx mall via the MARTA train and splurge on some clearance items. I'd buy crap I had no use for and stuff I'd never wear just because I got a great deal on it. Needless to say... nothing has changed *sigh* Before and after I had my kid, I'd spend hours (HOURS) on the Loft and Ann Taylor websites during quarterly season sales trying to get an extra 50% off as many clearance items as possible... sometimes I'd "win", and sometimes I'd only get a few items. Long story short... I spent an unnecessary (or very necessary) amount of money on clothes I "needed". I guess this type of shopping can be considered a hobby (because I will not allow for myself to be called an addict). I loved sitting down on my bed with a calculator and tallying up the original prices of all my purchased items and comparing that cost with what I actually paid. The equivalent of this, I suppose, is those people who do extreme couponing... although, in my case, it wasn't extreme because I wasn't saving any more money than anyone else (but who cares). Well, recently (since April) I've gotten into thrifting for my clothes. I absolutely LOVE shopping at thrift stores for great stuff that cost me less than a chicken sandwich. Ever since the Goodwill opened up the street (literally in walking distance!), I've gone thrifting twice a week (and sometimes every day). There are five Goodwills in a 20 minute radius AND a Salvation Army! I've been to these stores so many times that I've just about created relationships with the sales associates. My kid has become a little rock star at our neighborhood Goodwill.
As a part of my blog, I'm going to start posting thrifted outfits because I'm super proud of my wonderful finds! Stay tuned... I'm so excited!!!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Pee-Wee Problems

My little man was circumsized a day after birth, and I can't recall anyone giving us any information on how to clean his little piece of manhood (which will now be called "penis" because I loathe pet names for wee-wees penises). We were sure to keep it covered in vaseline and gauze until the pediatrician told us that it had healed properly and that we had done well. Fast forward 16 months... I took Charlie to his 18 month appointment two days ago and just so happened to get a different doctor because the one we usually see was booked for two weeks. Well, this new doctor came in and checked all his parts to make sure he was working and growing properly... he had ten working fingers and toes, two beautifully working eyes, two ears to hear, and his growth was right on the curve as it should be. She proceeded to check his testicles and penis. She looked at me and fowned then said... Your son has a little penile adhesion and I will need to pull the skin back. ***Pause*** This is where you get schooled... A penile adhesion happens when the remaining foreskin from a circumcision reattaches or seals itself around the glans (head) of the penis. Basically, the glans of a penis should have a cap like a mushroom... if a boy's penis does not, he has a penile adhesion.
According to some of the posts I've seen on the internet, penile adhesions are fairly common and are easily corrected by pulling the skin back from the head of the penis. Some of these articles state that PAs can correct themselves over time, but there is a percentage of men who's penises never grew out of the problem, and these men encounter problems as they get older. So anyway... My kid had his skin retracted, and bless his little baby heart... The first day was absolutely terrible! He screamed and cried every time I looked at his diaper, and he sat with his little legs wide open for hours waiting for the pain medicine to kick in. All of the days since have been much better, and he is now back to climbing and jumping off of things, but its absolutely painful to watch your little man experience something like that. So... for the next few months, I'll be retracting skin, rinsing off with water (no wiping), and globbing on the aquaphor twice a day: in the mornings and in the evenings after bathtime. So that you have more information, check out this link... http://voices.yahoo.com/infant-penile-adhesion-why-does-happen-5970086.html

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Shoe Alternatives

I teach. As a special education teacher, I walk a lot. Because I walk a lot, my feet (and the ground) literally eat through my shoes. All I wear are ballet flats since heels higher than two inches eventually lead to me wearing flip flops for half the day. And... I prefer that my ballet flats be leather in nude or black. I'd been wanting to actually spend a real amount of money on some good shoes since the last two pairs of nude ballet flats only survived about six months each. Granted, I bought both pairs on sale, but neither pair was made well enough to withstand my Olympic Cross-country distance of a class schedule. So... I eventually found a shoe that meets all my criteria, but the price is not generally what I would pay for... anything. This shoe is the Tory Burch Eddie ballet flat seen below.
Yeah... so... this shoe is nearly $200. And while it is super comfortable and comes from a trendy designer, I'm just not willing to come up out my pockets like that for some shoes... that are going to get ate up too. To get these shoes, I tried bidding on a pair on Ebay... and that was a total joke because the person who got them paid $144 + $10 (for shipping) on a "never" used pair of shoes. My bidding price stopped at $95 and then I proceeded to find a cheaper alternative. My mom suggested that I try Dillards, and I did... I checked online and... Lo and behold! I was able to find a nearly identical pair of tan, leather ballet flats made by Antonio Melani for only $60 (seen below)!
I called my local store, but they did not carry them, so I called the Perimeter location (20 mins away). The associate put the only pair of 6.5 tan shoes on hold... THE ONLY PAIR... and I drove down and got them right away. They are just as comfortable and fit just as the Tory Burch flats for only a third of the price. I ended up getting two pair: tan and black. If they'd had more, I would've gotten them too as reserves for when these no longer will do.