Monday, February 28, 2011

Shot Through the Heart

My little Chipmunk had his first shots today. I was totally equipped with my baby Tylenol and "I can do this" attitude.

The nurse and doctor explained the shots and that he might run a low grade fever afterwards, so I was "prepared" to help my baby through this experience.

Nurse two came into the room with three needles and the oral vaccine and told me that sometimes the parents take the shot harder than the baby. I was prepared.

I held his hands, she administered the shot, and he looked at me. Tore his face up. Dropped his pacifier. And screamed bloody murder!

My heart sank, but I was able to hold myself together for three seconds before I laid my face beside his and let our tears roll into each other.

Then I realized that I was a mom and my son needed me to be a rock. I stood up straight and regained my composure.

Nurse two placed three little, round bandaids on his chubby, brown thighs and reminded us to have a great day. I scooped up my crying baby and held him. I whispered in his ear that he was mommy's little champion.

But I seriously wanted to curl up with him on the examining table and cry too.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Catching up...

- I have learned how to get things done while Chipmunk sleeps. Yesterday, I was able to shower, wash my hair, dry and flat iron my hair, make and eat breakfast, eat lunch during his naps.

- my milk supply decreased, and now I'm drinking Milkmaid tea to boost it. Its cool because I get to use my tea kettle, and the tea is yummy!

- my son is the best burper I know. He's a champ!

- he will sleep for hours if I use the white noise app on my phone. I place the phone in his crib and use the "car ride" noise... He loves it!

- I just got my first speeding ticket since 1999... I was PISSED!!!!!

- I've spent waaaaaayyyyy too much money on new clothes... But I "needed" them. I was gonna get some boat shoes for the summer, but I got the stupid speeding ticket... Ugh!

- I like walking in the mall before it opens because it's peaceful and everyone is there either to exercise (the older folks) or walking babies in strollers.

- I went walking with a friend the other day and barely made it back to the house... Thank goodness she's an EMT! That day made me realize the importance of getting back in the gym.

- my husband (and I) are slightly addicted to a place called Jilly's Cupcakery... I'm picking some up today for a friend and his girl (and me and Zack)

- my dad took the beloved recliner down to his house... My parents have been enjoying it since Wednesday, and Zack and I have been in mourning.

- I am super afraid of getting pregnant before Charlie is two. I would not mind vowing celibacy until we're ready to conceive again because I'm so afraid.

- my hands are like sandpaper all the time because they are constantly in water.

- for the first time ever, we have no food (besides breakfast food) in our refrigerater, and I've been diligent about eating leftovers.

- I really like ice cream but it gives me and my baby gas. *sigh*

- being a stay at home mom (even for 12 weeks) is a full- time, around the clock job and should be respected.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Diaper Equality

Last night I came to the conclusion that all diapers are not created the same.

We decided to stop changing Chipmunk at night because it causes him to wake up and stay awake for two hours. That is something I just can't handle every. single. night.

We were good for three nights using the Huggies. When we woke up for the morning, we'd change his five pound diaper with no problem. Everyone was happy. Then we ran out of Huggies and started using another brand.

Last night was the first time using the new brand over night. When I woke up at 3am to feed the baby, I noticed that his belly was wet. I tried to convince myself that he was sweating in his sleep, but that wasn't the case.

He had pee'd so much that the gel in the diaper became full, and his diaper began to leak. So what did I do?

I initially toyed with the idea of leaving him in his wet diaper and shirt but quickly realized that that would be inhumane, so I changed him.








I am now in the process of digging through his diaper bags to find all the pre-packed Huggies diapers. The ones I find will serve as his nighttime diapers.

Mom Jeans

Now that I am getting used to my new (hopefully temporary) body, I am venturing further into my closet past the oversized sweatpants that used to belong to Zack.

My non-pregnancy jeans now button comfortably however...

my incision site is still sore, so I will only wear those jeans only while I am out and then change back into the sweatpants when I return home. Its a little disheartening that my battle wound is still sensitive but what is even more disheartening is the muffin top that has become my belly.

Due to the stretching of my skin and ab muscles, my belly is not (yet) flat enough to wear and look decent in my lower cut jeans.

Just the other day, I was getting dressed to attend a baby shower. Considering I haven't yet shaved my legs I decided it was in the best interest of everyone that I not wear anything that was cut above my ankles. A pair of jeans seemed fitting.

The first pair was cut low and, when I looked in the mirror, I decided that it would be a tragedy to wear them. I continued to look in the closet for something more fitting.


lo and behold...

I found a pair of jeans that I didn't really care for before I got pregnant. They were a pair of higher cut jeans that hit right at my belly button. They were unbelievably comfortable and also served as a denim girdle!

After having enjoyed those jeans all day, I decided that I will no longer judge women who wear mom jeans because now know why they wear them... its because they have mom bodies and bellies.

So, here's to mom jeans!

p.s. This is not a picture of me, and I will not wear mom jeans forever.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Well, My Mama Said...

My sweet mother can't remember much from her pregnancy with me... even though I'm only (on the verge of being) 29. She screws up the due date and how many weeks along she was when she had me. It really is awful when you're trying to ask your mom questions about pregnancy and you either get a different answer every time or get a vague "I don't remember that."


One thing my mom does remember is that she spent all of the money she had saved to sustain her while she was off work on purchasing a new wardrobe and jewelry. That story never changes.

She always tells me how she would get bored, strap me in a stroller, and go to the mall. Her biggest purchase (read: splurge) was a $400 herringbone necklace that she lost many years ago.

When I tell her about how I get bored at home, her first piece of sound advice is, "Put your baby in the car and y'all go walk around the mall."

Another thing she tell me is that I will not want to wear any of my pre-pregnancy clothes because they either won't fit right or I simply won't like them.

I can totally understand where she's coming from considering I didn't really care for many of my clothing before I got pregnant. My and Zack's Sunday shopping sprees in the Old Navy clearance section has turned my closet into a lazy college student's dream.

Well, just as my mama said, I literally want to vomit at seeing the clothes in my closet. Non of it matches, it looks cheap (because 98% of it is), and the good pieces have been ruined because I'm too lazy and cheap to take my stuff to the cleaners (which my dad would be appalled by because all of his clothes except his underwear go to the cleaners).

I can't wait to go shopping for new stuff and I definitely can't wait to throw out all the crappy old stuff.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I would like to announce that it only took three weeks after having my baby for me to lose all of my baby weight (plus two pounds, but who's counting), and I would like to thank breastfeeding for my success.

I look in the mirror and notice that my stomach (uterus) has deflated and is about a month or two away from its original state... maybe. Point is... I can wear my prepregnancy jeans with no problem.

Then I turn around...

and wonder where the hell my butt went!

It, along with my belly, ravenous appetite, and swelling in my feet and hands, has deflated to no azz at all. Now, I realize that I never had a ghetto booty like Kim Kardashian, but I did have a little junk in the trunk going on.

I was walking in the kitchen, and my husband so kindly pointed out that I was "losing my butt" and he was sorta sad about it. My unspoken response, "Kiss my azz... whatever is left of it!"

I'm not super concerned because a smaller butt is something that can be plumped up with cobbler, cakes, and good southern food... all of which I am very fond!

The only obstacle is how to eat those things without adding the plumpness to my arms, thighs, gut, and face...