Friday, November 26, 2010

It's Friday!!!

It's Friday, it's Friday!
It's the end of the week and the last day!
Stephie, it's on you!
So, what you gonna do?

Well, I'ma get my eat on...
And I'ma assemble my glider...
And I'ma wash my baby clothes...
All weekend long!!!!!!

Just so I don't get sued, this is a song that Ryan Cameron sings on his radio show every single Friday.

Now, back to singing!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

"Birth Plan"

I've been reading a few things that state that women should have a birth plan... Well, my plan consists of whatever meds they can give me to take the pain away and have a healthy baby, vaginally.

Although I haven come up with a real birth plan (or one that is more in depth), I have come up with a "birth plan":
- deliver baby on December 23rd (the day after school is out; I'll be 37 weeks)
- come home on Christmas day
- enjoy my maternity leave for the next three months

But, of course, I don't really care it the baby comes that early because 1/1/11 or 1/11/11 would both make really cool birth dates.

Oh well, we'll see! In the meantime, we're gonna install the car seat, pack the hospital bag, and get more stuff for the baby... Thank goodness we get to take advantage of Black Friday sales!!!!! I've already calculated how we're gonna maximize our money.... Which is the best plan ever!

Friday, November 19, 2010


I just left my 32 week (8month) appointment and found out that I've only gained 15 pounds during this pregnancy! The baby measures in the 74 percentile, and my belly is measuring on target, so the doctor (and I) have no worries.

I was really surprised when the doctor said how much weight I'd gained since, on a normal un-pregnant day, I usually pack on weight easily. I always just expected that I'd be a whale as a pregnant woman, but it turns out that my habits have gotten better.

So... How do I celebrate this news???

I go home and eat handfuls of Chocolatey Triple Delight Popcorn from the Boyscouts of America!!!!


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Just So You Know...

Braxton Hicks contractions S.U.C.K!!!!

I've been getting them for about a week now, and they have gotten worst in the last three days. They were so bad last night that I called the emergency line at the doctors office. All the doc said was to take three Tylenols and drink more water... This actually helped so that I could get a "full" night's sleep (5hours).

Tonight however is different.

I took two Tylenols in anticipation of the contractions, but they are not working. The contractions are stronger and are radiating into my back and hips.

I'm pretty sure that the contractions are based on the baby's positioning in my belly. For instance, I will feel the baby push out it's butt or feet, which makes the baby's head move lower, and a contraction starts. It literally feels like bad menstrual cramps that come in waves.

They suck!!!

I get BH sitting, standing, or lying down, when I have to pee, or when the baby moves.

I get them all the time!

Long story short... They suck!!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Booty... Rockin' Everywhere

I'm almost eight months pregnant, and it is so interesting to notice the changes in the baby's movements. At our last ultrasound, we were able to determine that the baby's head is down, the bottom is on the left, and the feet and knees are on the right.

Ever since that ultrasound, I have noticed that the baby's booty is poking out all. the. time! There's booty on the left, and booty in the middle. There's booty in the morning and at night.

I usually just place my hand over our baby's sweet little booty and pat it gently because I can imagine our little one trying to get comfortable in the decreasing space of my belly.

The baby moved so much the other day that I started having Braxton Hicks contractions (read: cramps) and really bad round ligament pains (which I still have). Every time the baby moved, I'd get a cramp that lasted about 30 seconds. I finally learned how to breathe through those 30 seconds, but that night was AWFUL!!!

I think the baby must be going through a little growth spurt which is why I'm feeling so much movement and having such bad ligament pains. My parents came over today and were able to feel the baby toot its booty up then move it away. They were both really excited and amused. Watching and feeling my belly move NEVER gets old... we could literally sit and watch it for hours.

Whenever I see our baby's bottom move around, one song and dance come to my mind... Its one of my all-time favorites (and was a special request at my wedding)!!! Enjoy!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Super Shower!!!

Today was our baby shower, and. it. was. FABULOUS!!!!!

It was everything I wanted and more! Jason's Deli catering, wings from Xpress wings (around the corner from our house), and cakes made by Mrs. Poss (the lady who made our wedding cake).

We had a little over 100 people come, and most of the food was eaten. Whatever wasn't eaten was sent home with some of my fella friends because we have no desire to eat wings for an entire week.

We got everything we wanted and more, and we saw friends we hadn't seen in years.

Aside from my sore hips and lower back, it was literally one of the best days ever!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


My husband is in the process of selecting a boy name I don't really like, and I have no choice but to accept it because I relinquished my rights to pick the name during a moment of frustration.

That is all.

And Then There Were SIX!!!

I am a teacher at a school with a lot of young teachers. As a matter of fact, we're a young school with a lot of young staff. It is only expected that a young staff would have a lot of happy life changes.

Last year, our school celebrated about four new babies and two marriages. This year, we're celebrating three engagements and... SIX new babies (well, actually 7 if you count the male orchestra teacher)!!! We just found out that there is another pregnant teacher due in the spring!!! How exciting!!!

I think we should put a stork on the door of each pregnant teacher's classroom. There'd be storks everywhere!!! I'm sooooo excited!!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Cry, Cry Baby

For the last two weeks, I have been searching for the perfect outfit for my baby shower. Literally... searching.

I finally decided to order a tunic dress that I thought was perfect. Until it arrived at my house, that is. I put on the dress and noticed that there was a black smudge on the right shoulder and a little nik on the chest. I knew I couldn't wear it... not after having paid the price I paid for it. I decided that it would go back asap, and I would find something else. Zack and I looked for something Friday evening at all the maternity stores around the mall and then stumbled upon some neat shirts at H&M. I would try them on the next day because the mall was about to close.

Well, my mother came to visit Saturday to help me do some things around the house. We went out to the mall to find me something to wear to the shower.

Long story short... The shirts at H&M looked like tents or did not fit, and we could find nothing else. I decided that we should leave the mall and try the maternity stores again. When I walked in and found nothing I liked, I could no longer control my hurt and disappointment.

I had a slight temper tantrum with the sales associates and my mother. We left.

When mom and I got in the car and she tried to calm me with her sweet optimism, I began crying and insisting that she did not understand, and that no one could understand. I ranted that everyone at the shower would look nicer than I and that none of the clothes in these (stupid) stores would not fit me because my torso is so short, and I don't have the typical pregnant body.

I cried behind the steering wheel until the front of my grey shirt was wet. Thank goodness my dad covers the leather seats in his car (the car we were driving) with towels. I pulled up to a Target parking space and tried to regain my composure.

My poor mother sat there in the passenger seat and looked at me sad that there was nothing she could do to help. I felt so bad that she was hurt, but I could NOT stop crying.

Eventually, wee got back to my house, and I apologized for being such a baby. She reassured me that I would be pretty no matter what I wore, and that she was sorry for not being able to help. She left about an hour later, and I was sad because I wanted her to stay. I felt like I had ruined our time together.

Later, Zack convinced me to get on the computer to find something to wear. At that time, my mom called and gave me a "mother's pep rally", and of course, I started crying again.

Afterwards and with Zack's help, I mustered up another round of mall energy, and Zack and I went back out to the mall to find something for me to wear.

It was a really... REALLY... long day, but I finally found something to wear.