Sunday, October 24, 2010


"Adrenaline rushing in my body
Over powered I just can't fight it.
Doesn't matter how I keep on trying
I can't deny I've got this heartburn
Burning in my soul (heart burn)
Call the fire department (oh ,heartburn)
It's out of control (heartburn)
- "Heartburt" by Alicia Keys

So..... I have developed THE WORST heartburn in my last trimester. I thought I was home free when speaking to a friend who got it earlier than I did, but I (obviously) spoke too soon. In the last week or so, I've had to sleep sitting up on the sofa at least twice because of indigestion.

The worst time was Friday night. Zack made meatloaf the day before, and we both thought it'd be an awesome idea to have meatloaf sandwiches for dinner Friday night. (side note* I had to wake up early on Saturday morning to be on time for an event and then spend the day doing baby shower stuff with my mom)

After eating the sandwich, I felt great however things took a bad turn around 11pm. I woke up and realized that every organ north of my... well, nevermind because my organs are all mumble jumbled right now. Every organ in my body was on fire.

I decided to go downstairs and sleep on the sofa. I rummaged through the cabinets hoping to find Tums or anything, but I had no luck. Zack had used ALL the lemon juice in some tea he made. There was nothing. NOTHING!!! So, I sat there on the sofa and suffered through it all.

I find now that almost everything gives me heartburn: orange juice, red sauce, fried chicken, and beef. I am comfortable eating very neutral foods like oatmeal, fish, and veggies... *sigh*

Pushing My Button

So far, I haven't gotten the popped belly button I wanted so badly, but it is flat now. The baby is pushing my button... literally.

Lately, my button has gotten sore, and I have to shift my weight when lying down because it stretches and hurts. There are also times that my button hurts depending on how the baby is positioned. It is almost like the baby places its little hand on my button and pushes out on it in order to get comfortable. At that time, my button will protrude at the top and look like a slight outtie.

It really is interesting!

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Third Trimester Breakdown

I started my third trimester last Wednesday, and I felt great... because of how fantastic I was feeling, I totally had plans to get work done this past weekend...

I went to my high school homecoming (briefly) on Friday and went right to bed at 10pm so that I could get up early to get housework done.

I woke up Saturday, Zack got breakfast from Waffle House, I watched the recording of Project Runway, and it was all hill down there. For the next two days, my body went through a breakdown.

It got so bad on Saturday that I could not eat, and I called Zack because I was in so much abdominal pain. When he got home, I started crying because I didn't know what else to do. I had tried walking around and doing cat stretches, but nothing would help.

The pain moved from my abs, to my sides, to my back, to somewhere internally, and then it repeated. My breathing is shallow because it hurts to breathe. I'm just short of having an asthma attack when I walk up the stairs.

The pain was increased if the baby kicked or moved. Feeling a head in my rib cage and a foot in my lower ab is really not my idea of bonding with the baby.

Long story short... I got a grand total of six hours of sleep in the last two nights because I have been so uncomfortable. I sleep propped up on the sofa with tons of pillows. The television keeps me company. I really wish we had one of those sectional sofas where one of the seats lets out like a lazy boy. That would be awesome!

I've concluded that my short torso is not the optimal growth environment for a baby... theres nowhere to go but into my rib cage and diaphragm.

I hope this kid is comfortable snuggling up to my ribs because I'm suffering over here!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hand Me Downs

Sometime last week, I walked back to my desk after a meeting and found a sweet surprise...
My baby's first hand me downs (first clothes ever)!!!

These are so special because little OG wore them; then they were handed down to Claire Bear... and now, my kid gets to wear them! The deal is that I will hand them down to another teacher so that her child can wear them.

My fave is the one that says "I love hugs" because I can't wait to hold and hug our sweet baby!

YAY for hand-me-downs!!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Natural Woman

I've never been the one for personal upkeep, and I have gotten worse during pregnancy. Everything south of my body's equator looks like a forest. I mean seriously, it looks like I've never seen (or heard of, for that matter) a razor. On a more positive note, however, I have been relatively good about shaving my pits.

Anywho... once I noticed that the growth of my body hair had slowed, I went from being lazy to absolutely unresponsive to and unmoved by what was going on below my belly button. And plus... I can't even see whats going on with my "hoo haa" without the aid of a mirror- no matter how much I bend over to look.

Last week, I really wanted to wear a shin length dress, so I shaved my legs up to the knee. I figured I was good until two days later when I decided to wear a knee length skirt. I was sitting in a chair during one of my classes when I noticed that my legs below the knees looked like a lady while my knees and the few inches you could see above looked like they belonged to a 30 year old line backer named "Bruce". I tugged at that darned skirt until it nearly pulled from under the belly band that was holding it up. I don't think anyone else noticed, but seeing my knees embarrassed me something awful... but I still haven't shaved my full legs. I supposed I'll be wearing pants from here on out. *shrug*

And that poor hoo haa of mine... I literally had to take a chain saw to it because using a razor would've been like cutting down a forest with a butter knife.

I thought about going to get things waxed but then I remembered the torture of my first and only time... I decided that I should look especially nice for my soon to be husband, so I used a gift card to a really nice spa that I received as a shower gift right before I went to the wedding rehearsal the day before the wedding. The atmosphere was super nice, and I even bumped into a local celebrity as he dropped his wife off. The lady lead me through the dimly lit (two candles from being pitch black) hallway into a private room. I followed her instructions and got prepared for the waxing. Everything after that was torture. She concluded the visit with "It hurts less the more you come"...

Long story short, baby powder was my best friend, and I didn't wear underwear until two days later. So... that was that for the surprise (and extremely cute) "I heart Zack" panties I'd planned on wearing on our wedding night... Thank goodness all we did at the hotel that night was order room service and pluck off all my eyelashes!

Dinner (or something like it)

This is what I ate for dinner last Sunday...

This decision came after meeting some friends at the Cali Pizza Kitchen and being hella disappointed in the Apple Crisp. This "crisp" was totally lacking and was NOTHING like the real crisp they used to make for us down at Mercer. Literally, I'm like an apple crisp expert after having eaten it for FOUR years (with icecream) while I was in college. The CPK's "crisp" was more like mushy crap atop some half baked apples. I need at least an inch and a half of real, warm, break-your-teeth, crunchiness and an inch of perfectly baked apples.

Anyway, I got home craving strawberries and cheesecake ice cream from Brusters. After trying to talk myself out of it, Zack and I jumped up and got what I really wanted. I got to the server and asked if they had any cheesecake ice cream (since its not on the menu), and he says.........

(side note: it had been raining all day!)

My reaction was as though he'd told me I grew a second nose. I told him that I suppose I'll have to start calling in advance so that they'll save me a hefty scoop.

After stressing over the menu, I decided to go with the plain vanilla in a waffle bowl and drizzle it with the yummy strawberries. Due to my charm *wink*, the guy gave me a HUGE "single" scoop and tons of strawberries. My order dwarfed Zack's measly scoop of turtle. Being pregnant definitely has its benefits! I'm sure Zack was totally!