Friday, October 1, 2010

Dinner (or something like it)

This is what I ate for dinner last Sunday...

This decision came after meeting some friends at the Cali Pizza Kitchen and being hella disappointed in the Apple Crisp. This "crisp" was totally lacking and was NOTHING like the real crisp they used to make for us down at Mercer. Literally, I'm like an apple crisp expert after having eaten it for FOUR years (with icecream) while I was in college. The CPK's "crisp" was more like mushy crap atop some half baked apples. I need at least an inch and a half of real, warm, break-your-teeth, crunchiness and an inch of perfectly baked apples.

Anyway, I got home craving strawberries and cheesecake ice cream from Brusters. After trying to talk myself out of it, Zack and I jumped up and got what I really wanted. I got to the server and asked if they had any cheesecake ice cream (since its not on the menu), and he says.........

(side note: it had been raining all day!)

My reaction was as though he'd told me I grew a second nose. I told him that I suppose I'll have to start calling in advance so that they'll save me a hefty scoop.

After stressing over the menu, I decided to go with the plain vanilla in a waffle bowl and drizzle it with the yummy strawberries. Due to my charm *wink*, the guy gave me a HUGE "single" scoop and tons of strawberries. My order dwarfed Zack's measly scoop of turtle. Being pregnant definitely has its benefits! I'm sure Zack was totally!

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