Saturday, December 31, 2011

Retired Shoes

Charlie's first pair of shoes were a CUTE (like, super cute) pair of red Elmo shoes from Stride Rite. I absolutely LOVE them... maybe too much. He wore those shoes from August to Christmas day when my parents, who insisted that he have a pair of hard-bottom, high top shoes, purchased him a pair of relatively hard-bottomed, high top shoes. They decided to buy them in brown because I refused to put white shoes on my son's feet. When I bought the Elmo shoes, I also bought a pair of regular walker shoes that were a half size larger so that he would have them at the appropriate time. Well, since he had been wearing the size 3 Elmos for forever, he actually outgrew the brown 3.5. I didn't find that out until I took the brown shoes I bought back to Stride Rite to exchange them form a larger size since my parents bought the size 4 hard-bottoms. I was able to exchange the brown 3.5 shoes for the same shoe in a blue 4.5. I am happy... but those Elmos were SOOOO darn cute!!! ugh! I actually thought about trading the brown shoes for a 4.5 in the Elmos but figured that might be a little weird. So long Baby Elmo shoes!