Monday, June 28, 2010

Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh

Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh... thats the sound of our baby's little heartbeat.

We had an OB appointment, and this was the first time we got to hear the heartbeat. It was nothing short of amazing! I didn't cry and neither did Zack... we kinda just sat there grinning like little kids. That might have been because it took a few minutes to find it. Chasing the heartbeat was like chasing around a gnat... you'll see it for a second and go for it, but then it disappears.

The doctor stated that the beat was so hard to find because the baby is so tiny at this stage and it moves around so much. We'll hear it better next time.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Slow and Steady

I found out that, evidently, headaches are symptoms of pregnancy.

How do I know that?

Because right now, at 3:27am, I am awake and dealing with one that I've had since yesterday at 4:00pm. Its not a migraine or anything, but it is a slow and steady, dull ache that trobs in my head.

I came downstairs to find and take Tylenol, but due to my habit of product loyalty, I was only able to find Aleve. *sad face*

So... I'm sprawled out on the sofa watching The Bride of Chucky. I can't even understand how these were ever scary... But in some strange reason, I get caught up and startled some times during the scenes. There is something about that darned doll that still freaks me out... Could you imagine your dolls or stuffed animals coming alive and being buther knife toting killers? Me either, but I would hope that I wouldn't be a punk and run.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


I can't organize my thoughts right now because I have a lot running through my brain, so I'm gonna do bullet points.

- I just found out that I won't have an ultrasound to see my baby until weeks 18-20. I suppose they'll tell me if its a he or she at that time too, but I want to see it now!!! I don't understand why I have to wait. My next appt will be on Monday, and I'll almost be 12 weeks. I just assumed that I'd get to see the baby then since so many other ppl (probably an exaggeration) get to have those cute little ultrasound pics of their baby's profile on facebook. I'm disappointed but will deal with it. Instead of the ultrasound, we'll get to hear the baby's heartbeat... which is just as sweet.

- I'm addicted to watching Babies: Special Delivery on Discovery Health. I record it on the DVR every morning from 7:00-8:10am because I'm nearly addicted. They usually encounter the same types of problems, but sometimes they have crazy situations. I scare myself sometimes while watching it, but it is SUCH a good show!

- I'm so lazy these days! I seriously don't want to do anything... not even go to Homegoods! I'd rather lay around. It is bad!!! I try so hard to get up and do things but I get winded (read: lazy) and crash on the sofa. However, I did wash and fold a load of laundry yesterday... but the other three loads are sitting her staring me in the face.

- My husband is preparing to babyproof the house... yes, already... he asked me to go buy plug covers for the outlets so that we could get started... we're only 11 weeks.

- I'm more regular now than I was before we got pregnant, and that makes me very happy. There's nothing worse than being constipated, hungry, and tired. On many days, I get to go twice a day! I think its because I eat fruit all day, and I love to grub on cheese eggs and bacon in the morning.

- Zack has actually started painting around the house! The guy who wanted to keep the white walls is actually painting and is excited about it!!! Its just a continual reminder that God does answer prayers.

- I just dozed off...

- I watched Tupac Resurrection yesterday and thought it was awesome!!! I still can't believe that he died at only 25. I actually became a fan on his life's story.

- I can't stand bar-b-que sauce... it makes me gag, and I don't think anyone around me shouuld be allowed to eat it. I don't really care for cooked veggies either which is why I'm eatting a lot of fruit.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Weird Dreams

I've always had the most interesting dreams... even as a child. In my home growing up, my parents and I would eat breakfast over stories about crazy dreams. Well, it was more so just me and my mom, but nevertheless, we had some crazy dreams!

I remember my mother dreaming that some demented little child woke her up (in the dream) and stood at her doorway. As she looked at him, he turned to look in my bedroom and turned back to her and gave a devious smile. The child then went into my room. She stated that she woke up screaming because she felt like the child was really going into my room to hurt me. She calmed down when she realized it was just a dream.

In high school and during football season (I was in the marching band and was often exhausted) I dreamed that I was at school during the night, and a murderer was chasing me and my friends around the dark halls. Somehow I became separated from my friends and spent a good portion of the dream looking for them so that I could save them from the killer. As I walked around the "school", someone tapped me on the shoulder and asked what I was doing. Crying, I asked that person, "Where'd they go?! I can't find my friends!"......... My mother grabbed me by the shoulders and informed me that I was sleepwalking and that I needed to go back to bed. I snapped out of it, looked around the den, wiped my face, and went back to my room.

I've read in a book and in some other literature that pregnant women have crazy dreams. Although the dreams I've been having lately have not been any weirder than before, I have found that I dream almost every night. While I know that science will say the dreams are probably due to better REM sleep, I'd like to say that it is simply because I'm pregnant and tired as hell all the time.

Some time last week I dreamed that I Zack and I found out that we were pregnant with twins, and then the dream morphed (as they all seem to do), and I realized that the father of the twins was a guy I dated in college. The dream went on and someone asked about the status and circumstances surrounding why we weren't together, and when he gave some crazy answer, I started flipping out and screaming. The screaming turned into crying because Zack, the guy I was actually going out with and not yet married to, would not love me anymore. I cried that he would leave me and I'd be left alone. The dream was so awful, I woke up to go to the bathroom without having to empty my bladder. When I got back in the bed, I curled up close to Zack and cried.

Last night, I dreamed that some man my mother lived with (no, not my dad) was crazy abusive, and because of that, I ended up killing him. In the process of the dream, I killed this man, beat up my neighbor for not calling the police, somehow became the guardian of three children, and attempted to get me and these kids up to my house with no car and no money. The kids and I ended up standing at the stop sign at the end of my parents' street because we couldn't get to my house. The worst part of this dream was me begging and pleading my mother to come with me to my house because I was afraid the guy I'd killed had turned into a zombie or monster or something, and he would come back to kill her. It was awful!!!!

I totally don't mind dreaming, but I would prefer to have dreams about happy things like birthday cake and winning a trillion dollars!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

30 more...

We've hit the 10 week mark! Yippy!

I always thought that we'd take pictures of every week, but ummm..... no. Zack mentions it because we've both noticed the changes in my body, but I just don't feel like it. I'd much rather eat or take a nap.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Baby Bunch

I was invited it to lunch today. Initially, I was a little hesitant because I've become HELLA lazy, but I really wanted to see my friends and their babies.

When we all got there, it was really interesting to see us at different stages of motherhood: one the mother of a six month butterball of a blue-eyed baby, another he new mom of a cuddly month old sleepy ladybug, another 17 weeks preggers and just really starting to show, and then me... Bloated and hungry as hell.

Upon sitting down, I immediately ordered spinach dip.

I had so much fun talkin about our experiences and what to expect after baby is born. It feels like I'm joining some sort of mommy sisterhood!

Friday, June 4, 2010

You want yo cornbread???

Seriously... do you want it??? Because I'll eat it if you don't!!!

What about that little bit of hamburger you can't finish... your fries maybe???

I'm freakin' hungry ALL THE TIME!!!!! I always thought the whole thing about pregnant women eating all the time was a funny little joke, but NO!!!!!

I wake up hungry. I go to bed hungry. I need a snack after every meal.

I seriously eat every two hours. And not just a snack... I'm talking about... I EAT!!! If I don't eat, I feel like passing out and crawling into the floor. My head spins, my stomach churns and bubbles, I get hot, and I feel like crap!

As a matter of fact, I'm hungry right this moment, and I'm thinking of what I want to eat. I'm sure Zack isn't hungry yet because we just ate, but I've got to eat something...

*thinking of what is in the kitchen*

maybe chili.....


cheese toast.....

something... anything with peanut butter.....

Whatever it is... let me get up now and make it before Zack wakes from his nap to find me wasting away.