Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Weird Dreams

I've always had the most interesting dreams... even as a child. In my home growing up, my parents and I would eat breakfast over stories about crazy dreams. Well, it was more so just me and my mom, but nevertheless, we had some crazy dreams!

I remember my mother dreaming that some demented little child woke her up (in the dream) and stood at her doorway. As she looked at him, he turned to look in my bedroom and turned back to her and gave a devious smile. The child then went into my room. She stated that she woke up screaming because she felt like the child was really going into my room to hurt me. She calmed down when she realized it was just a dream.

In high school and during football season (I was in the marching band and was often exhausted) I dreamed that I was at school during the night, and a murderer was chasing me and my friends around the dark halls. Somehow I became separated from my friends and spent a good portion of the dream looking for them so that I could save them from the killer. As I walked around the "school", someone tapped me on the shoulder and asked what I was doing. Crying, I asked that person, "Where'd they go?! I can't find my friends!"......... My mother grabbed me by the shoulders and informed me that I was sleepwalking and that I needed to go back to bed. I snapped out of it, looked around the den, wiped my face, and went back to my room.

I've read in a book and in some other literature that pregnant women have crazy dreams. Although the dreams I've been having lately have not been any weirder than before, I have found that I dream almost every night. While I know that science will say the dreams are probably due to better REM sleep, I'd like to say that it is simply because I'm pregnant and tired as hell all the time.

Some time last week I dreamed that I Zack and I found out that we were pregnant with twins, and then the dream morphed (as they all seem to do), and I realized that the father of the twins was a guy I dated in college. The dream went on and someone asked about the status and circumstances surrounding why we weren't together, and when he gave some crazy answer, I started flipping out and screaming. The screaming turned into crying because Zack, the guy I was actually going out with and not yet married to, would not love me anymore. I cried that he would leave me and I'd be left alone. The dream was so awful, I woke up to go to the bathroom without having to empty my bladder. When I got back in the bed, I curled up close to Zack and cried.

Last night, I dreamed that some man my mother lived with (no, not my dad) was crazy abusive, and because of that, I ended up killing him. In the process of the dream, I killed this man, beat up my neighbor for not calling the police, somehow became the guardian of three children, and attempted to get me and these kids up to my house with no car and no money. The kids and I ended up standing at the stop sign at the end of my parents' street because we couldn't get to my house. The worst part of this dream was me begging and pleading my mother to come with me to my house because I was afraid the guy I'd killed had turned into a zombie or monster or something, and he would come back to kill her. It was awful!!!!

I totally don't mind dreaming, but I would prefer to have dreams about happy things like birthday cake and winning a trillion dollars!

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