Monday, May 31, 2010

Sweet Husband

What time is it??? It is 5:22 am, and I've been up for an hour.

I tossed and turned due to being hella uncomfortable. I had to pee at least three times, my Dolly Parton boobs were sore, and those annoying azz cramps kept bothering me. I mean... I was crazy uncomfortable!!!

After getting back in the bed from the third bathroom trip, I sat there crying. Zack asked if I was alright and I told him that my stomach was cramping (nothing bad, just annoying) and hat I couldn't get comfortable.

Bless his heart...

He sat up and started rubbing my back... Which magically made the cramps disappear. He stayed up with me for about thirty minutes until I stopped wiping the tears off my face and he couldn't keep his eyes open.

I asked him why he stayed up, and he said, "I can't sleep if you don't feel good. I want to make sure you're alright."

The only thing that would've been sweeter is if he had gotten up and made me a cheese egg and bacon sandwich because I'm SOOOOO hungry!!!!!

He's such a great guy!


It is now 8:12am, and my sweet husband is up and on his way to pick up breakfast. What is he getting me??? A bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit!!!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cry Baby

I've always been a cryer... As a matter of fact, I think I've already mentioned that in a previous post, so I won't waste time reminding you.

With this whole pregnancy thing, I've caught myself crying over the simplest things! For instance, I was at work talking to a fellow language arts teacher who I really adore. I mean seriously... There are some people who are nice and good, then there are those people who are pure goodness and light. This coworker is definitely the latter.

Well, we were standing in the hallway one morning talking with some other teachers when she mentioned that she was going to cook a week's dinner for a friend who was going through a really hard time. I wanted to tell her how wonderful I thought that was, but the compliment came out in tears and "Denise, you're just perfect! I mean really... You're perfect, and I just love you so much! Everyone loves you because you're awesome!"

Of course she looks at me in disbelief and smiles. She responds, "Well, I don't know about that but thank you. You're so sweet!"

I have tears rolling down my cheeks at this point and I say, "You're just so nice! Why am I crying?" I eventually walked away and went to my room.

I also had a weeping and wailing fit when Jin and Sun died on Lost. You talking about losing it?!?! I LOST it when they died. There was absolutely no consoling me. I fussed at the tv through my hyperventilating because I preferred to lose Sawyer and Kate. I must've cried for 20 minutes.

Just today, I was watching a movie I've seen a gatrillion times, Diary of a Mad Black Woman. When it got to the church scene at the end where he crackhead mother walks in singing, I found myself wiping tears from my cheeks. I think the last time I cried watching that movie was the very first time I saw it like five years ago.... But the way I was crying today, you'd have thought that today was my first time watchig it!

Friday, May 28, 2010


I was going to lunch with some friends, and I had some time to spare, so I went to a local shopping center. I went in Victoria's Secret to see If they had some cheap bras to accommodate my growing boobs. When I walked in, I was instantly drawn to the 2 for $32 rack. I picked up a set of 34C and walked to the counter.

For whatever reason, the sales lady asked me if I had been or needed to be fitted for a bra. I told her "no" and briefly explained why I was buying them. Her response... "you don't want these. These are for teenagers. You'll need a full coverage bra."

My reaction... Embarrassment but whatever.

She whips around from behind the counter and pulls out a measuring tape from thin air and measures me for a bra in like 30 seconds. When she was done, she announced that I would need a 36D and walked to the back section of the store.

She pulled out two bras from the drawer, handed them to me and explained why they'd be best for the next three or four months. When we got back to the counter, she explained how I should wear a bra all the time and move on to wearing sports bras after the pregnancy to keep the breasts from sagging and tearing irrepairable tissue that keeps the breasts perky.

She explained that that technique is what she used to keep her (very busty) double Ds from going south after she had her kid.

I purchased the bras thinking that I'd "grow" into them over the next few months... However, when I got home and tried them on, I quickly realized that I already fit a D cup!!!

So, my mom can totally add one or two bra shopping trips to the JCPenney outlet to her grandmother list!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Cup Runneth Over...

I have experienced many "symptoms" (if that is what they're called) of pregnancy.

The first was the constant need to pee like a race horse during the day and night. Then there was the constant garbage truck gas that never seemed to go away (but eventually did after several prayers to The Almighty). After that came the sinus pressure that turned into that horrible cough, and during that, I've developed thick spit and the need to swallow all the time in order to keep it from flying out of my mouth during conversations.

The worst of these symptoms is the feeling I get when I haven't eaten in two hours... I instantly (and our of NO WHERE) get crazy hungry then I get weak and nauseous and feel like I need to pass out. It only subsides like 30 minutes after I've eaten, and it happens all the time.

And through these last few weeks I have also developed fuller lips....... and fuller breasts.

I remember a time in high school when I wore a B cup and how excited I was that, in college, I grew into a small C. Then I remember how I was even more excited I was that my small Cs developed into a full C.

Now, with about 33 more weeks left in my pregnancy, I'm at a really full C. So full as a matter of fact, that I can see my C cups running over when I look at my profile in the mirror.

Zack had been saying for a few weeks that my boobs were getting bigger, but I would tell him that it was all in his imagination. I didn't notice how right he was until I put on one of my newer bras and had to keep adjusting it to make the double bubble at the top disappear.

At the rate they're growing, I wonder how big my boobs will be in December!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Dude, where are my lungs?!


I put another pillow behind my head and look at the clock thinking, "well, at least it will be time to get up soon!"

my eyes focus on the clock, and it reads 12:27am...

I'm disappointed.

I have been suffering from what I assume the doctor will diagnose as post nasal drip. I get a tickle in the back of my throat then I start to cough my lungs up. Currently, at 1:42am while I lie on the sofa, I think I coughed them up and left them upstairs under my nightstand.

I have coughed so much that all my upper body muscles are sore. Zack has demanded that I visit a doctor on Saturday... And right now is the first time I have actually agreed with him.

***12 hours later***

I stayed up all night coughing. When morning rolled around, I had planned on getting up and going to the doctor, but sure enough... I went to sleep after eating some wonderful pancakes Zack made. I have been sleep ever since. It is now two o'clock, and I can't even get out the bed because my body refuses to listen to my brain and will not get up. I am now resolved to simply staying in the bed and doing nothing until Monday.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Mother's Day and a week later...

I will start this blog with the ending... I finally set my ob/gyn appointment and went to it today.

Now, rewind to last Friday:

I woke up curious because I was a day late... yes, for my period.

I crawled out of bed after Zack went to the gym and rummaged through my bathroom cabinet for a pregnancy test. I went through the usual routine of peeing in the cup and inserting the stick... this was the result...

Sooo.... We're PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!


We told our mothers on Mother's Day. I bought my mom a book for her to record her life and reactions to her first grandchild, and I got his mother a baby onesie that said "Its all good with Grandma."

My mom opened her gift first. She looked at the book, and at first, it didn't register with her. Then, she looked up at me and whispered, "Really?" then she repeated herself two more time with increasing volume until it was a scream, "REALLY, REALLY?!?!?!?!"

It was all hugs, tears, and smiles going on at our place... especially 30 seconds later when everyone else caught on.

Needless to say, my mom has already planned to have Merry Maids come to the house and clean the spare room (and rest of the house). My sister-in-law immediately went into planning a fabulous December baby shower by asking me how many people I would want to attend because the location depends on the numbers of attendees.

All-in-all, it was an amazing moment!

The plan is to keep it from being announced to the masses until late July when the second trimester rolls around... we'll see how that goes...

Well, today was my first OB appointment with my new doctor at the new doctor's office, and I loved it! As I walked onto the elevator to go to the 4th floor, I noticed that one of the doctors at the AWS office was holding the elevator door for me. He asked which floor I was going to, and I said "Four... You graduated from Mercer, right?"

I'm sure he was thinking, "Yeah, and you're a stalker", but he smiled and said that he had. I smiled and told him that him being a graduate of Mercer was one of the reasons I chose their office because I also graduated from Mercer (and that practically makes us family!).

I didn't chose him as my doctor, but I did chose Dr. Smith. A woman who is the mother of triplets and loves being an educator for women entering different life stages... Seriously, who better to be the doctor of a teacher than doctor who teaches???

While she viewed my cervix, I told her why I chose her as my doctor (because it makes the experience of having a stranger poke around in your womanly parts a little less uncomfortable). She stated that she went to college to be a math teacher and that it had been her dream, and that after talking with her mother (who is also a math teacher) she became side tracked and became a doctor. I had to correct her and let her know that NO ONE becomes side tracked and becomes a doctor... NO ONE!

Now, if she were like me, it would be a totally different story... I went to college with dreams of being a doctor, and then I was side tracked and failed (and dropped) chemistry... I later (after a career change) became a teacher. (side note: I adore being a teacher!)

Anyway, I totally love my new doctor and the office and their website! I think we'll have a great relationship!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

(Not So) Happy Anniversary!!!!!

So... because I don't usually keep up with dates and tracking for my period and such, I couldn't remember when exactly I stopped taking birth control. I just always assumed I stopped taking it at the end of last May, so in order to find out, I checked my claims information online through my insurance.

Yeah... so, I just saw that I actually stopped taking it at the end of April! Right now is exactly a year since I stopped taking birth control. This seriously sets a fire under my azz to go to the Gyno for another exam.