Monday, May 17, 2010

Mother's Day and a week later...

I will start this blog with the ending... I finally set my ob/gyn appointment and went to it today.

Now, rewind to last Friday:

I woke up curious because I was a day late... yes, for my period.

I crawled out of bed after Zack went to the gym and rummaged through my bathroom cabinet for a pregnancy test. I went through the usual routine of peeing in the cup and inserting the stick... this was the result...

Sooo.... We're PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!


We told our mothers on Mother's Day. I bought my mom a book for her to record her life and reactions to her first grandchild, and I got his mother a baby onesie that said "Its all good with Grandma."

My mom opened her gift first. She looked at the book, and at first, it didn't register with her. Then, she looked up at me and whispered, "Really?" then she repeated herself two more time with increasing volume until it was a scream, "REALLY, REALLY?!?!?!?!"

It was all hugs, tears, and smiles going on at our place... especially 30 seconds later when everyone else caught on.

Needless to say, my mom has already planned to have Merry Maids come to the house and clean the spare room (and rest of the house). My sister-in-law immediately went into planning a fabulous December baby shower by asking me how many people I would want to attend because the location depends on the numbers of attendees.

All-in-all, it was an amazing moment!

The plan is to keep it from being announced to the masses until late July when the second trimester rolls around... we'll see how that goes...

Well, today was my first OB appointment with my new doctor at the new doctor's office, and I loved it! As I walked onto the elevator to go to the 4th floor, I noticed that one of the doctors at the AWS office was holding the elevator door for me. He asked which floor I was going to, and I said "Four... You graduated from Mercer, right?"

I'm sure he was thinking, "Yeah, and you're a stalker", but he smiled and said that he had. I smiled and told him that him being a graduate of Mercer was one of the reasons I chose their office because I also graduated from Mercer (and that practically makes us family!).

I didn't chose him as my doctor, but I did chose Dr. Smith. A woman who is the mother of triplets and loves being an educator for women entering different life stages... Seriously, who better to be the doctor of a teacher than doctor who teaches???

While she viewed my cervix, I told her why I chose her as my doctor (because it makes the experience of having a stranger poke around in your womanly parts a little less uncomfortable). She stated that she went to college to be a math teacher and that it had been her dream, and that after talking with her mother (who is also a math teacher) she became side tracked and became a doctor. I had to correct her and let her know that NO ONE becomes side tracked and becomes a doctor... NO ONE!

Now, if she were like me, it would be a totally different story... I went to college with dreams of being a doctor, and then I was side tracked and failed (and dropped) chemistry... I later (after a career change) became a teacher. (side note: I adore being a teacher!)

Anyway, I totally love my new doctor and the office and their website! I think we'll have a great relationship!


  1. I've already started buying stuff.

  2. I adore this post! Congrats again! Enjoy your pregnancy girl. I wish you a wonderful, easy pregnancy... I am sure Zach is over the moon. Now you need a baby mama blog :o)

  3. I meant to ask you... where are you having the baby? What hospital?

  4. Congrats!!! (I am so late, I know)

  5. Oh my gosh, how did I miss this?!?! (Wait, I have a sleepless teething baby, I think that might explain some of it *lol*)

    CONGRATULATIONS! I am so happy for you and Zack! I gotta stay on top of the news better from now on!

  6. Miranda- Little Dom is already teething?!?!?! wow! how time flies!!! he'll soon be walking!