Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Cup Runneth Over...

I have experienced many "symptoms" (if that is what they're called) of pregnancy.

The first was the constant need to pee like a race horse during the day and night. Then there was the constant garbage truck gas that never seemed to go away (but eventually did after several prayers to The Almighty). After that came the sinus pressure that turned into that horrible cough, and during that, I've developed thick spit and the need to swallow all the time in order to keep it from flying out of my mouth during conversations.

The worst of these symptoms is the feeling I get when I haven't eaten in two hours... I instantly (and our of NO WHERE) get crazy hungry then I get weak and nauseous and feel like I need to pass out. It only subsides like 30 minutes after I've eaten, and it happens all the time.

And through these last few weeks I have also developed fuller lips....... and fuller breasts.

I remember a time in high school when I wore a B cup and how excited I was that, in college, I grew into a small C. Then I remember how I was even more excited I was that my small Cs developed into a full C.

Now, with about 33 more weeks left in my pregnancy, I'm at a really full C. So full as a matter of fact, that I can see my C cups running over when I look at my profile in the mirror.

Zack had been saying for a few weeks that my boobs were getting bigger, but I would tell him that it was all in his imagination. I didn't notice how right he was until I put on one of my newer bras and had to keep adjusting it to make the double bubble at the top disappear.

At the rate they're growing, I wonder how big my boobs will be in December!

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  1. Poor thang. My mom still has all of her stuff from when she had her reduction. It'll flatten you but I imagine your breasts are probably tender too.
    Get some soft cub, no wire bras. Target and Vicky's Secret both sell them.