Friday, May 21, 2010

Dude, where are my lungs?!


I put another pillow behind my head and look at the clock thinking, "well, at least it will be time to get up soon!"

my eyes focus on the clock, and it reads 12:27am...

I'm disappointed.

I have been suffering from what I assume the doctor will diagnose as post nasal drip. I get a tickle in the back of my throat then I start to cough my lungs up. Currently, at 1:42am while I lie on the sofa, I think I coughed them up and left them upstairs under my nightstand.

I have coughed so much that all my upper body muscles are sore. Zack has demanded that I visit a doctor on Saturday... And right now is the first time I have actually agreed with him.

***12 hours later***

I stayed up all night coughing. When morning rolled around, I had planned on getting up and going to the doctor, but sure enough... I went to sleep after eating some wonderful pancakes Zack made. I have been sleep ever since. It is now two o'clock, and I can't even get out the bed because my body refuses to listen to my brain and will not get up. I am now resolved to simply staying in the bed and doing nothing until Monday.

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