Tuesday, August 31, 2010

20 weeks and counting

Last week we reached 20 weeks... And some of the 20 week milestones.

For example, for the first time in my pregnancy I look in the mirror, and I look pregnant.

I have also started getting (cue scary music intro here...).....

Leg cramps during the night!

Now, I'm no stranger to Charlie horses. I would catch dreadful ones in my leg and butt muscles after marching in parades or football games in high school. I would scream out for my dad, I'd hear him get up, put on his houseshoes and slosh down the hall and into my room to massage out the cramp. My body would be locked up in pain as though I'd been electrocuted. The pain would eventually go away, and daddy and his house shoes would slosh back to his room.

Now... Fastforward ten years...

I'm pregnant, uncomfortable, and catch a cramp in my leg. I moan so that my husband, who sleeps inches away, will wake up and help me. Nothing happens, so I massage my own cramp and go back to sleep. I ask the husband that morning why he didn't wake to help me, and he replies that he thought I was having a bad dream... Really, a bad dream??? WTF!

The next night, I catch a cramp and decide to tell him, "Zack, I have a cramp in my right leg. Will you help me?"

This guy wakes up (probably in a dream state) and massages my LEFT leg! I tell him to forget about it because I could handle it by myself. He turns over and goes back to sleep.

I guess my dad had me spoiled.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Move it Move it

I'm far enough along in my pregnancy to feel the baby move at least once a day. The movements aren't major so that I can see a foot or anything, but I am at the point where I can definitely feel this kid doing the Electric Slide on my bladder.

I like the feeling, but it catches me off guard sometimes (read: most times). At the end of school yesterday, this kid was totally having a jam session for about an 30 minutes. The first song to come to my mind during our little one's dance session was "Move it Move it" from Madagascar.

Actually, he/she is moving right this moment, and I totally have the urge to play the song and dance with him/her. I want my kid to be the one who gets up at the party and dances the entire time, even if he/she is like Zack or me and has no rhythm at all. Hopefully, all this moving is an indicator my kid becoming a fantastic popper and locker!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I Love This Way...

"We do what we do and we do what we live. I love this way cause I got it as a kid."
- "I Want You" by Common

I LOVE Common! Seriously, he can do no wrong. His album "Like Water for Chocolate" is what made me a fan.

I was listening to "I Want You", and the lyrics above always stick with me. I can totally relate because I am very much a lover. I love everyone and everything. And I don't simply love, my love is always deep. I love people forever. No matter what. I feel in my heart that all people deserved to be loved with everything I have. Chances are... If I've met you, I love you very much.

I love this way because I got the same love as a child. I had a very happy life with happy parents, happy friends, and a happy family. At no point in my childhood (or life) do I remember not being loved.

My parents spent a ton of time with me and are my very favorite people in the entire world. I remember being tucked into bed every night as a small child, waking up to a fabulous breakfast on the weekends, joining my parents in their bed to watch late night shows, playing cards all night with my dad to bring in the New Year, and a whole bunch of fun stuff.

I'm going to totally love my kid the way my parents love me. I'm going to sing him/her off to bed and make sure he/she is tucked in tightly so that "the bed bugs don't bite". I want my kid to grow up not being afraid to love people and to love these people with the same love he/she received from me and Zack.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Some Kind of Exhausted

I had a blast at work today! There was a PTA luncheon, and I was able to run around the school catching up with all my friends. Some got married, some went on fabulous trips, and some are also expecting their own bundles of joy!

Did I get any work done??? Depends on how you look at it.

I straightened my desk by throwing everything in the drawers (which eventually got jammed because of all my crap), wrote dates on the first week of my planner, turned in some paperwork, put some stuff in a cabinet, emailed someone about books, printed the syllabus, and.....

yeah, that was pretty much it. I can't think of anything else.

I spent all my time talking and laughing and being unproductive... but who cares! Everything will get done in a week or so.

And even though I didn't get much done, I am HELLA exhausted!!! Like... "crawl on the floor and lay there with no socks on, not caring who walks over you" tired.

I went to the Walmart after work in order to get some things for my room, and I literally wanted to sprawl out in the middle of a quiet isle and dare someone to say something. I finally got what I needed, had it loaded in my car, and drove home. But not before I was forced to give the cashier woman the stank eye for being unnecessarily slow.

My body pillow will definitely be getting some action tonight! I'm gonna be snuggled all up against it.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Cabin Fever

I'm SOOOOOOOO ready to go to work!!!!!

This house has never seemed smaller than right this minute. The stuff in it, as we get the baby's room prepared, is all over the place with no where to go. EVERYWHERE!!!

There's crap on the kitchen table, around the table, behind the sofa, in the upstairs hallway, crowding my precious (usually clean) guest room, sprawled along the walls of the baby's room... EVERYWHERE!!!

I shall mention that only about 15% of this stuff belongs to me because (you best believe) I'm not the one to hold on to old, musty, dry-rotting magazines for the expected (but unlikely) enjoyment of my descendants. As a matter of fact, I've thrown away any of my magazines that are dated before June 2010. I'm not throwing anyone in my house under the bus... but this random, unnecessary crap floating about the house IS NOT mine!!!

I gotta get to work in my own space so that I don't have to look at this... I gotta find a cure for this Cabin Fever!

I feel just like the green guy in this picture! I'm just short of throwing stuff out the window and I'm just waiting for someone to say something "wrong" to me or look at me funny! I'm gonna become a freakin' monster!!!!!

I can't wait to see new faces, hear the laughter and excitement from the children, see and talk to my co-workers, have something to do for longer than 2 hours... I just wanna go back!


But unfortunately, I still have to wait until Thursday...