Saturday, August 7, 2010

Cabin Fever

I'm SOOOOOOOO ready to go to work!!!!!

This house has never seemed smaller than right this minute. The stuff in it, as we get the baby's room prepared, is all over the place with no where to go. EVERYWHERE!!!

There's crap on the kitchen table, around the table, behind the sofa, in the upstairs hallway, crowding my precious (usually clean) guest room, sprawled along the walls of the baby's room... EVERYWHERE!!!

I shall mention that only about 15% of this stuff belongs to me because (you best believe) I'm not the one to hold on to old, musty, dry-rotting magazines for the expected (but unlikely) enjoyment of my descendants. As a matter of fact, I've thrown away any of my magazines that are dated before June 2010. I'm not throwing anyone in my house under the bus... but this random, unnecessary crap floating about the house IS NOT mine!!!

I gotta get to work in my own space so that I don't have to look at this... I gotta find a cure for this Cabin Fever!

I feel just like the green guy in this picture! I'm just short of throwing stuff out the window and I'm just waiting for someone to say something "wrong" to me or look at me funny! I'm gonna become a freakin' monster!!!!!

I can't wait to see new faces, hear the laughter and excitement from the children, see and talk to my co-workers, have something to do for longer than 2 hours... I just wanna go back!


But unfortunately, I still have to wait until Thursday...

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