Tuesday, August 31, 2010

20 weeks and counting

Last week we reached 20 weeks... And some of the 20 week milestones.

For example, for the first time in my pregnancy I look in the mirror, and I look pregnant.

I have also started getting (cue scary music intro here...).....

Leg cramps during the night!

Now, I'm no stranger to Charlie horses. I would catch dreadful ones in my leg and butt muscles after marching in parades or football games in high school. I would scream out for my dad, I'd hear him get up, put on his houseshoes and slosh down the hall and into my room to massage out the cramp. My body would be locked up in pain as though I'd been electrocuted. The pain would eventually go away, and daddy and his house shoes would slosh back to his room.

Now... Fastforward ten years...

I'm pregnant, uncomfortable, and catch a cramp in my leg. I moan so that my husband, who sleeps inches away, will wake up and help me. Nothing happens, so I massage my own cramp and go back to sleep. I ask the husband that morning why he didn't wake to help me, and he replies that he thought I was having a bad dream... Really, a bad dream??? WTF!

The next night, I catch a cramp and decide to tell him, "Zack, I have a cramp in my right leg. Will you help me?"

This guy wakes up (probably in a dream state) and massages my LEFT leg! I tell him to forget about it because I could handle it by myself. He turns over and goes back to sleep.

I guess my dad had me spoiled.

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