Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Move it Move it

I'm far enough along in my pregnancy to feel the baby move at least once a day. The movements aren't major so that I can see a foot or anything, but I am at the point where I can definitely feel this kid doing the Electric Slide on my bladder.

I like the feeling, but it catches me off guard sometimes (read: most times). At the end of school yesterday, this kid was totally having a jam session for about an 30 minutes. The first song to come to my mind during our little one's dance session was "Move it Move it" from Madagascar.

Actually, he/she is moving right this moment, and I totally have the urge to play the song and dance with him/her. I want my kid to be the one who gets up at the party and dances the entire time, even if he/she is like Zack or me and has no rhythm at all. Hopefully, all this moving is an indicator my kid becoming a fantastic popper and locker!

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