Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I Love This Way...

"We do what we do and we do what we live. I love this way cause I got it as a kid."
- "I Want You" by Common

I LOVE Common! Seriously, he can do no wrong. His album "Like Water for Chocolate" is what made me a fan.

I was listening to "I Want You", and the lyrics above always stick with me. I can totally relate because I am very much a lover. I love everyone and everything. And I don't simply love, my love is always deep. I love people forever. No matter what. I feel in my heart that all people deserved to be loved with everything I have. Chances are... If I've met you, I love you very much.

I love this way because I got the same love as a child. I had a very happy life with happy parents, happy friends, and a happy family. At no point in my childhood (or life) do I remember not being loved.

My parents spent a ton of time with me and are my very favorite people in the entire world. I remember being tucked into bed every night as a small child, waking up to a fabulous breakfast on the weekends, joining my parents in their bed to watch late night shows, playing cards all night with my dad to bring in the New Year, and a whole bunch of fun stuff.

I'm going to totally love my kid the way my parents love me. I'm going to sing him/her off to bed and make sure he/she is tucked in tightly so that "the bed bugs don't bite". I want my kid to grow up not being afraid to love people and to love these people with the same love he/she received from me and Zack.

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  1. I wanted to cry when I read this! Your child is going to be so very blessed. I also had that special love with my parents and they gave plenty of it. We do the same for Dominic, giving him everything we have plus some. It is amazing how we are already reaping benefits from this as Dom is such a sweet and fun child and he responds so well to us because of that bond. He knows he can trust us to always be there for him.

    Keep on loving!!!