Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fish Dreams

I got so frustrated with our baby making game plan that I threw it out the window... And I almost mean that literally. I passive aggressively stopped doing everything that we did last month because I've got other stuff to do beside laying on my back for an hour after getting busy.

So, I have employed another "technique". Please notice the quotations around the word... Notice them because this new technique is anything but a technique. What I've started doing is waiting for someone I know, preferably a family member, to have a dream about fish.


Because the theory is that when someone dreams of fish, it means that someone is pregnant. It worked when my mother and I had dreams about fish... Like a week later, we found out that my cousins (at different times) were pregnant. So, as far as I'm concerned, fish dreams are good as gold.

My mother can't seem to work up dreams of fish, but she has dreamed that I was having a baby and another of my having twins. Zack has had dreams of him taking care of a baby boy, and my dreams are similar. But not one damn fish!

Until yesterday!!!

A coworker sent me an email that she'd had a dream about fish and that I was in it! I instantly emailed her back that I'd been waiting on that dream. Seriously, as silly as it sounds to believe in something so superstitiuos, I'm hella excited to see is Aunt Flo has gone on extended vacay.

It would also be another explanation as to why I've had the BGs for two days other than the fact that I've had cream cheese for two days, and I'm lactose intolerant.

All I need now is for an aunt, mother, cousin, or sister to dream of fish...

Friday, April 9, 2010

Twenty whaaaaaa??????

I pride myself on being a bargain hunter... why??? Because I'm HELLA cheap! I consider any purchse a splurge if I happen to spend more than 20 bucks on it. For instance, I just bought six pairs of shoes for less than $80, and I went back two days later to buy two more pairs which brought the total to less than $100 for 8!!! YES!!!!!

The only things I'll actually spend money on are furnitre and food because nothing is better than eating something wonderful and chilling out on a comfy sofa.

But anyway, I just so happened to come across a show today about couple's who were trying all kinds of medical treatment in order to conceive. One husband had a low sperm count, and the other husband had absolutely no sperm to count. For the third couple, the woman had some kind of issue with her potassium or some other mineral/vitamin.

The couple whose husband had no sperm count actually sent him to get a biopsy and cut off a chunk of his testicle just to test it...

Would Zack do that??? Hell no! and I wouldn't want him to... It just doesn't seem right. Why couldn't they just go to a sperm bank? Can you imagine how much that procedure cost them?!

One of the women was talking about how her and her husband had emptied out thier savings in order to do "another" round of invitro fertilization... Of course I figured that 'life savings' was only a few thousand dollars... why??? Because a couple of thousand seems, to me, like a "reasonable" price for a something like that...

How wrong was I?!?!?!

At the end of the show, the couple found out that non of their lab efforts worked, and the narrator said that the couple would find some way to save up money for... get this...





Twenty wha??? I nearly fell out on the floor!

I tell you what... before I spend 20 grand on a 'maybe baby', I'll go adopt a kid from DFCS or China. At least that way I'll be sure to get something.

Do you know what I could do with twenty thousand dollars besides buy a gazillion pairs of clearance shoes???

1. Give Mercer half their money back
2. Pay on my and Zack's cars
3. Pay down our mortgage
4. Take a couple luxury trips out the country
5. Invest it
6. Nothing... but look at those numbers on my bank statement every month

If my situation was ever to get to that point, please believe that I would find a much cheaper alternative!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Green Eyes

"My eyes are green
Cause I eat a lot of vegetables
It don't have nothing to do with your new friend"

The lyrics to this song by Erykah Badu played over and over in my mind for two weeks, and I thought it was super appropriate for the title and subject of this blog.

A few months ago, I was talking to one of my co-workers about the time it is taking for me and Zack to get pregnant. We laughed and talked about it for about 30 minutes, and she told me what it was like for her and her husband to have her girls. She made a statement about how hard it is to hear about other women who get pregnant when you're trying yourself... how you want to be happy for them but you're kinda caught up in the fact that it is not you who is pregnant.

I thought about this conversation as I can now count the number of pregnant friends, or women I know, on two hands. Seriously, there are about 10! And everytime I hear of someone's news, I am no less excited than I would be if I weren't trying myself.

Why? Because I LOVE to see other people happy, and I know God has His hands in this. I (and definitely my husband) just need to be patient and wait for Him to unfold his plan.

But I will admit that my eyes get a little green when I hear of their news. Right as started cramping before my period started, I pouted...

I pouted not simply because I wasn't pregnant... but because we had worked soooooo hard so that we would get pregnant. Its kinda like studying really hard for an exam and still failing it (which is something I did for one of my favorite classes in college- Sensation and Perception *sad face*)

Still, I refuse to be one of those sappy chicks whose blog page reeks of sadness and pity, plays depressinng ballads, and spouts off medical terminology... because seriously, who wants to be that chick?!