Friday, April 9, 2010

Twenty whaaaaaa??????

I pride myself on being a bargain hunter... why??? Because I'm HELLA cheap! I consider any purchse a splurge if I happen to spend more than 20 bucks on it. For instance, I just bought six pairs of shoes for less than $80, and I went back two days later to buy two more pairs which brought the total to less than $100 for 8!!! YES!!!!!

The only things I'll actually spend money on are furnitre and food because nothing is better than eating something wonderful and chilling out on a comfy sofa.

But anyway, I just so happened to come across a show today about couple's who were trying all kinds of medical treatment in order to conceive. One husband had a low sperm count, and the other husband had absolutely no sperm to count. For the third couple, the woman had some kind of issue with her potassium or some other mineral/vitamin.

The couple whose husband had no sperm count actually sent him to get a biopsy and cut off a chunk of his testicle just to test it...

Would Zack do that??? Hell no! and I wouldn't want him to... It just doesn't seem right. Why couldn't they just go to a sperm bank? Can you imagine how much that procedure cost them?!

One of the women was talking about how her and her husband had emptied out thier savings in order to do "another" round of invitro fertilization... Of course I figured that 'life savings' was only a few thousand dollars... why??? Because a couple of thousand seems, to me, like a "reasonable" price for a something like that...

How wrong was I?!?!?!

At the end of the show, the couple found out that non of their lab efforts worked, and the narrator said that the couple would find some way to save up money for... get this...





Twenty wha??? I nearly fell out on the floor!

I tell you what... before I spend 20 grand on a 'maybe baby', I'll go adopt a kid from DFCS or China. At least that way I'll be sure to get something.

Do you know what I could do with twenty thousand dollars besides buy a gazillion pairs of clearance shoes???

1. Give Mercer half their money back
2. Pay on my and Zack's cars
3. Pay down our mortgage
4. Take a couple luxury trips out the country
5. Invest it
6. Nothing... but look at those numbers on my bank statement every month

If my situation was ever to get to that point, please believe that I would find a much cheaper alternative!

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  1. $20,000 is a BA and a MPA/MSUS from GSU (in-state tuition). Seriously. And probably a couple of arts classes thrown in too.

    I'm not that desperate for children but many are. No matter, I WILL NOT be shelling out $20,000 (money I'm taking away from the child!) for treatments. I just can't imagine that when there are healthy children looking for homes.