Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fish Dreams

I got so frustrated with our baby making game plan that I threw it out the window... And I almost mean that literally. I passive aggressively stopped doing everything that we did last month because I've got other stuff to do beside laying on my back for an hour after getting busy.

So, I have employed another "technique". Please notice the quotations around the word... Notice them because this new technique is anything but a technique. What I've started doing is waiting for someone I know, preferably a family member, to have a dream about fish.


Because the theory is that when someone dreams of fish, it means that someone is pregnant. It worked when my mother and I had dreams about fish... Like a week later, we found out that my cousins (at different times) were pregnant. So, as far as I'm concerned, fish dreams are good as gold.

My mother can't seem to work up dreams of fish, but she has dreamed that I was having a baby and another of my having twins. Zack has had dreams of him taking care of a baby boy, and my dreams are similar. But not one damn fish!

Until yesterday!!!

A coworker sent me an email that she'd had a dream about fish and that I was in it! I instantly emailed her back that I'd been waiting on that dream. Seriously, as silly as it sounds to believe in something so superstitiuos, I'm hella excited to see is Aunt Flo has gone on extended vacay.

It would also be another explanation as to why I've had the BGs for two days other than the fact that I've had cream cheese for two days, and I'm lactose intolerant.

All I need now is for an aunt, mother, cousin, or sister to dream of fish...


  1. I haven't had any fish dreams. I did have a pet fish that died recently. Does that count?

  2. lol- i don't think (insert your fish's name here) death will count, but let me know if he visits you in a dream!