Sunday, May 2, 2010

(Not So) Happy Anniversary!!!!!

So... because I don't usually keep up with dates and tracking for my period and such, I couldn't remember when exactly I stopped taking birth control. I just always assumed I stopped taking it at the end of last May, so in order to find out, I checked my claims information online through my insurance.

Yeah... so, I just saw that I actually stopped taking it at the end of April! Right now is exactly a year since I stopped taking birth control. This seriously sets a fire under my azz to go to the Gyno for another exam.


  1. I've heard it takes time. I honestly don't know how long since most of the babies I know were born outta wedlock. Maybe y'all should act like you're not married!

  2. Yeah... I know a girl who had been trying for two years and she just got pregnant... It is amazing that so many ppl get preggo out of wedlock and the married folks have a harder time... Maybe lust helps you get pregnant?!