Friday, July 20, 2012

Renovations at Kroger

I live in an area with a gazillion grocery stores, but I only care to go to one of them, and that is my local Kroger. It is three minutes from my house, and the friendliest people work there. I adore it. I once went in at 6:45am looking for turkey meatballs for my annual holiday brunch, and one of the guys searched with me for like 20 minutes. After concluding that they just didn't have them, he proceeded to talk to me about how he grew up in some part of Georgia where they farm chickens. And every time I go in with my kid, they are just so sweet to him, and it literally feels like a small neighborhood grocer instead of a chain. I've been so much in the last four years that I know that place like the back of my hand. I could probably walk through that place blindfolded... that is until recently... Some Kroger exec decided that it would be best to renovate MY store and make it different. I walked in last week and noticed that they'd moved the entire wall of water and put it somewhere else. I didn't think about it at that time because we had several gallons of distilled water at the house. Well, a couple of days ago, I went into the store, and the entire left side was being moved around. I couldn't handle what I was seeing, so I went to the right side (meats and produce) to compose myself. After I got what I needed from that side, I slowly walked toward the renovation to get some distilled water. I literally nearly had a panic attack because my beloved store had been turned upside down. Associates walked around with smock type coverings with "ASK ME" on them, and people were milling around like ants. I hated it! I nabbed a guy with an "ask me" smock on and asked him where the water was... and he had to turn and ask someone else just to make sure he actually new where it was. I tried to take pictures, and in fact I think I did take a couple, but they were terrible. I deleted them. I really feel hurt that they decided to change the store because now it is a stranger to me... but this change doesn't change their staff, so I'll keep going back so that I can learn this new place like I did the old. (but its going to be hard)

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  1. Oh wow, I don't think I've ever loved a grocery store before. I'm sure things will get better soon as you get the lay of the land and as things settle down! I LIKE my grocery store and I've always gotten good service, but it's farther than I would like (but we have to go there b/c my HH insists they have the best meat) and their prices are higher than I'd like. But it's a local shop, so I'm glad my money's more likely to stay in the community...