Thursday, November 15, 2012

An Appalling Afro

I want your to take a good LONG look at this monstrosity of an afro.  It is absolutely hideous... HIDEOUS! And it makes me want to slap the model in her face for wearing such a craptastic wig and posing like a clown!

I came across this picture in Michaels as I stood in line to purchase my items.  Because it was a few days before Halloween, I just assumed that it was some sort of costume that she was wearing.  After staring long and hard at it, I realized that she was wrapping what looked like a Christmas present, and that this was a REAL advertisement that had been put out by the company to sell tape or something.

I literally looked around expecting someone to jump out and say that I was on some sort of hidden camera show, but that didn't happen... so I whipped out my phone and took this picture. I posted it to Facebook and complained there. A friend of mine found the same add in Boston and sent me a picture.  I couldn't believe (well, actually I could) that this was a national advertisement.

As a woman who has naturally kinky hair and who wore an afro in college, I am absolutely offended at this terrible wig. I mean seriously... why does she even need to have an afro? Why couldn't they have used her real hair or a more believable afro wig?

I'm stepping down off my soapbox, but I just want the ad people for 3M (or whoever is responsible for this) that they should be ashamed for such a terrible ad.


  1. my goodness! that is interesting.

  2. Steph! hi! nice to see you bright and early this day. :D

    o so you only thrift? awesome! i have such a nice selection of what i wear and couldn't have done it by shopping at regular stores, that's for dang sure!

  3. hahahaha, yes i changed my favicon / profile pic YET AGAIN.