Tuesday, January 1, 2013

NYE Inspiration- My Kid's Birthday!

 My little love bug turned two on NYE!!! He is seriously the most amazing kid I know, and I am so very blessed to be his mom! He can sing his ABCs, count to twenty (although not consistently in order), and he can count to five in Spanish. He is friggin' amazing!

 We took him to Chuck E Cheese and the mall. I think he was a tad overwhelmed at Chuck E. Cheese with all the lights, sounds, and other kids.  He literally went berserk! Running and screaming like a crazed maniac. He couldn't sit still! He was the same way at the mall. 

At this age, he enjoys the gifts, but he likes the singing gift bags and cards most of all. The bag above lights up and plays the birthday song. All in All, we had a great time!

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