Saturday, October 24, 2009

Another One Bites the Dust

I am sure it is proper conception and pregnancy test procedure to miss one period before peeing on a stick. With this assumption, I add the thought that my grandmother and her mother (and her mother) probably didn't splurge their share cropper husbands' money on ClearBlue Easies and EPTs, and they all had successful pregnancies of 4 or more.

So me.....

I wait...........

Telling myself there is no need to test because God has given us all a built in pregnancy test.

I wait (a little more than five weeks).....................

From the 18th of this month, I've been sitting on my hands trying to keep them from reaching for the HPTs hidden deep in the back of my dark, storage closet of a bathroom cabinet. All the while telling myself that I'd wait "patiently" to take the test on Saturday when Zack leaves for work.

Surely something must be up since my body hasn't clued me in on its secrets for this month. Surely....

I take the test and wait for the symbol on the screen. I check the directions to make sure I'm reading it right. Then the realization sets in that another one bites the dust.

Another test taken in vain, and another 7 dollars down the drain.

However, although I was initially disappointed, I am content that I didn't just wait around until November thinking that I was pregnant the entire time. I spoke to Zack shortly after taking the test, and he couldn't understand why I just didn't (and couldn't) wait... I had little patience in helping him understand a woman's need to simply know the status of her body so that her mind and body can all be on the same page.

I'm attributing Aunt Flo's tardiness to the fact that I've just gone back to work (and changed grades), and my body is adjusting to the pheromones from my "new" co-workers (another concept that is hard to explain to the hubby). I first learned about this biological feature when I was living in a dorm in college, and I always thought it was a pretty cool feature of the woman's body. Despite me not being pregnant and wanting to be this time around, I still think its pretty cool.

But next month, Aunt Flo will have NO excuses...


  1. LOL @ Aunt Flo. I saw on an episode of Weeds that they called it Shark Week. I kinda like that term!

    In due time, you know.

  2. shark week?! sounds appropriate