Thursday, October 29, 2009

While the Gettin's Good...

Z: So, when are you gonna start taking the ovulation thing?
S: I guess I should go take one now, don't you think?
Z: I don't know!
S: Ok. I'll go take it now. (walks to bathroom) Zack! Bring me a cup!
Z: (dutifully brings styrofoam cup)
S: (pees in cup. washes hands. walks to upstairs bathroom.) Don't cell phones have stop watches?
Z: Yeah.
S: (places ovulation test in cup. presses "start" on cell phone stop watch)
Z: What does it say?
S: I don't know yet. (takes test out and replaces cap on tip. sets test down on the counter)
Z: (waiting beside me staring at the test)
S: Is that line dark blue? (turing the test around)
Z: (goes and gets the instructions) It looks that way to me! What does that mean?
S: I guess I must be ovulating.
Z: Well, lets get to it!

So, right there... at that moment... we became two people on a mission. Some people would say that we're being too technical with trying to conceive, but the whole experience with taking the ovulation test and finding out I was ovulating was really fun! It was also our time to shine while the getting was good because I took the test this morning and the results of the test were totally different. Just in a matter of hours the results suggested that I was not ovulating.

Could ovulation seriously be like a ghost in the night or a phantom dodging my and Zack's efforts to introduce Mr. Sperm and Mrs. Egg?

The answer to that question..... YES! Yes, ovulation is a phantom menace! Just kidding...



  1. I think the trying part would be so much fun! I was shocked when I found out just how small the window for conception is each cycle. My pregnancy was an unplanned surprise but a joyful blessing. I wish I had journaled about my experiences before brain fog set in :o) You're off to a great start!

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  3. I'm excited for you two and will keep you in my prayers.

    "Trying" IS fun! I was so technical with all three pregnancies. Rod thought I was insane (and I was), but he followed his instructions. LOL- We lost the first one, but bottom line we still conceived (IMMEDIATELY)by following specific "techniques" and "maneuvers" each time!

    My doc had given me instructional info-LOL

    I need to find that information and forward it to you...if you are interested.

    You guys will be great parents and until it is meant the be...have fun trying!


  4. miranda- you should blog about your little boy! i enjoy looking about your pictures!

    michelle- if you can find that info, send it to me! its almost like a science experiment to us-lol...