Tuesday, October 20, 2009

If at first you don't succeed...

The husband and I have decided that the time has come for us to try the "become one" part of marriage. Finally... after months of conversations that sound like a tennis match of, "Well, I'm ready if you're ready," we're working on expanding our family. *Note the key word: Working*

We decided in May that I would stop taking the pill and get this whole baby thing underway. We go to the public library. We check out books. We read them. We learn that there is ONLY a 20 PERCENT chance each month to get pregnant (or something like that)!!!! I even heard that, in some cases, a woman can have her period and not ovulate!

My world was shook.....

My reaction: WTF!!! You mean to tell me that my dad was wrong when he told me I'd get pregnant if a boy sneezed on me?!?!?! I CAN'T get pregnant if my husband holds my hand while I'm not on birth control?!?!?!?

Well, based on this new discovery of ours, we decided to try guess-timating my ovulation because seriously.... how hard could it be? I could practically set a watch by my cycle (with or without the pill). I'd go on thenest.com and use their handy ovulation predictor calculator, and Zack and I will get busy based on the 2-3 days it says I'm most fertile.

Yeah... so.....

This tool might have been helpful if I could accurately pinpoint the actual day my cycle started, but I can't because I'm too lazy to write the stupid Xs or hearts on the calendar for days of my period. Sooooooo..... After about five months, I've decided that getting pregnant is like trying to catch a bus without the freakin' bus schedule. I try to predict when the bus will arrive then I run to the stop only to realize that I missed it by five minutes.

I would have preferred for this conception thing to get a move on back in the summertime because I'm on a schedule. I had everything all planned out. Off BC in May, pregnant in July, notify the parents on my dad's birthday in August, give birth in April-ish, be prepared to enjoy my 10 year class reunion in June, and I'd have the entire summer to spend with baby. Not so much...

We've decided to try an actual ovulation predictor kit to try and get this show on the road. We've both read the instructions and are not-so-patiently awaiting my period, so we can use this kit. If this doesn't work... we'll try the backseat of the car... it seems to work for the teenagers!


  1. ahh...sorry it is taking longer than you wanted. i'll keep you guys in my prayers. God can open you up ANYTIME He wants.

  2. You guys are going to make awesome parents!

  3. I love you Stephanie!!! You are one of the few people I know that shares almost everything with everyone. Seriously, don't put too much pressure on yourself. All of that stress and strain affects your body, hence your ability to get pregnant. Enjoy making the baby as much as you all will enjoy having a baby.