Monday, November 23, 2009

Ready... Set... Flo....

I've been waiting and waiting, and she's finally here! Aunt Flo has FINALLY decided to get her late behind back into the game. Oddly, I'm super pumped about her arrival because now marks a starting time for my cycle.

I'm sure Zack will be a little (read: a lot) disappointed that we're not preggers, but its all good. Hopefully, he'll be just as pumped about getting out his calendar and charting my cycle and telling me when I'm ovulating.

Sometimes I wonder if God made me the husband and Zack the wife and switched our reproductive organs as some funny trick. Zack is always on me to take my vitamin, track my ovulation, get my body in shape, making sure positioning is optimal for sperm and egg, etc...

There have been many times when I've told him that he should be my wife so that he could be in control of this process, but unfortunately he's not. I could totally imagine him as a baby-crazed, ovulation obsessed, basel body temperture taking psycho.

With Aunt Flo in town, he definitely gets his chance... because we're at the start line.
*firing gun*

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