Friday, December 11, 2009

User Error

My and Z's bathroom looks somewhat like a lab. I have designated one lucky styrofoam cup to be our sample collection cup, and it sits neatly (and cleanly) on my side of the sink. The cup also multi-tasks as a holder for testing sticks... about seven to be exact.

The routine stands... I wake up, pee in the cup, insert the stick, count to 20, wait for the lines, ask Z what he thinks of the "results," write the date on the stick, wash cup, place sticks back in cup, take shower, get dressed, and go to work. We'll spend at least 15 minutes trying to guess if the light blue line is actually the blue indicating ovulation... then we conclude that we simply don't know.

The other day, I looked at previous sticks and noticed that the test from 12/5 had two solid blue lines which indicates ovulation... Great! but........ today is the 10th!!!

We've now decided to buy and use the electronic kit which will provide us with a simple smiley face when the time is right... no smiley face yet.

To make myself feel better, I go online to do research (because all things are answered through Google, of course)...

I found...

1. Some women ovulate 10 or so days after having their period (and not the 14 I originally thought) and...

2. Some eggs only live 12-24 hours after ovulation (not necessarily 24-48hours)

So, Z and I have come up with a game plan... starting 4 days after my next period, we're going into overdrive... I'm talking about every 12 hours... once before breakfast and once before (or after) dinner... for about 14 days.

Why??? Because we're freakin determined... thats why!

Will it work??? Will we stick to it???

Of course not! But where would we be without some kind of outrageous plan?!