Thursday, December 31, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

I wake up this morning and Zack is determined to figure out if we should purchase a OV-Watch or the Clear Blue Easy fertility monitor. He's comparing prices and reading postings by users to see which one is best.

The OV-Watch seems
interesting, and Zack found out that you actually wear it at night. It costs a little more than the pee sticks and might be slightly uncomfortable to sleep in, but it might be more effective in helping us get pregnant because it tells you four days before you ovulate that its time to make a deposit into the baby bank.

The Clear Blue Easy (CBE) is your slightly above standard urine test... I've tried two types already and have had no success. The lack of success is probably due to the fact that I don't know exactly
when to pee on the stick because my cycles are irregular. Also, I don't want to use up all the sticks because I don't want to have to keep buying them.

Well, the CBE is on sale on for 134.00 until the 10th of January, so we're going to make a decision on the 5th or 6th as to which monitor we're going to buy. After watching the video below, I think I'm leaning towards the watch (thx Samira!)


  1. Hey! My name is Jennifer Carter and I am the Director of Sales and Marketing for OV-Watch (as well as an OV-Watch mom myself- I used it when I was trying to conceive and that is my little girl Reese on the OV-Watch box!) I came upon your blog this morning and I have to say....I am intrigued!

    I love your passion surrounding your journey to motherhood and I admire your humor during this time that can usually be quite stressful. I am so confident that OV-Watch is the better choice for you that I would like to give you an OV-Watch with a 4 month supply of sensors as well as a bunch of our NEW early detection pregnancy tests...let's start your 2010 of right!
    Contact me at and let me know your address so that we can get this out to you quickly!
    GOOD LUCK to you and please keep in touch with me to let us know when you have good news!
    Jenn Carter

  2. Yay Steph! Good luck girl! How awesome the post above???????????

  3. I was totally nervous when I read "Director of Sales and Marketing for Ov-Watch"... (shaking arms to get nervousness out)... I thought I was about to be reprimanded or sued for using the OV-Watch picture!!!

    WOW!!! That IS awesome! I'm so excited! I just got home from visiting my parents and haven't told my husband yet. I'm sure he's gonna flip and be sure we read the directions over... and OVER!