Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Playing with Tickers

So... in efforts to be better at blogging, I've tried to create one of those nifty tickers. This is a ticker showing how many days that have passed since my last period.

Zack and I have concluded that I have a nonexistent "period" at the end of the month. I get these weird cramps but nothing happens. I wait.... and wait... and in another month I'll get my period at the time I'm supposed to get it that month. We're predicting that my pseudomenstration is happening right now, and I'll ovulate again on the 3-6 of January.


  1. Apparently there is some "watch" you can wear that will tell you when you are ovulating. Have you tried that? Also, tell Zach to take some zinc. It's good for the man eggs. :o)
    Was that TMI? :o)

  2. TMI?!?! And here I am putting my sex life on the internet??? nothing is TMI with me-lol

    I just looked up that watch and told zack about it... he's like, "so, we can get you one!" I don't want to look super crazy walking around with a watch that can't give me the time when someone asks for it (although its a cool idea and I might get it if we're not pregnant in 5 months)... we'll probably buy the electronic fertility monitor while its on sale on costco.com.