Saturday, December 12, 2009

Miraculous Conception


I just watched Robin Thicke's "Sex Therapy" video, and I think he has done it.

I think I have just conceived my first child by simply watching the artist I affectionately call "Thicke" on a music video.

Sure... Z was upstairs doing whatever he was doing in our room, and I was downstairs watching VH1 soul in the living room.

Of course... I understand that there traditionally has to have been some sort of sex act to conceive.

Absolutely... I know that drooling on the television and suppressing the urge to scream like a little school girl at Thicke's every movement does not constitute a conceivable situation.

But I feel it in my soul! Thicke was able to create something of a miraculous conception. I knew just as the video ended that something special had happened. I totally wanted to run upstairs and take a pregnancy test, but I didn't.

I figured I'd wait to see what happens... If this miraculous conceptions is simply a figment of my imagination, I'll definitely buy the "Sex Therapy" single and put it on heavy rotation in the house... especially at 6am and 6pm.


  1. Oooooooh, so I just had to go watch the video too. I think our kids are gonna be playmates 'cause I JUST KNOW there's something growing in my belly after that! My goodness!!

    Don't you miss the hippie, long-haired Thicke? This guy is over the top.

  2. I do kinda miss the Thicke from 6 years ago and the "upbeatedness" of his music, but this Robin Thicke character OOZES sex!!! He almost seems like a totally different person... he's become very Dean Martinesque... although I don't listen to his last CD like I did the first two, I can appreciate both.