Monday, December 28, 2009


I had a ladies brunch at my house on the 19th and a friend of mine brought her 6 week old baby. I'm usually not the one to hold babies who are less than 4 months in age but I'd been waiting so long to see him. I remember talking to his mom a year ago about pregnancy and babies and such, and I wondered when we'd all get pregnant. It was a goal that we all got pregnant together, but oh well...

Baby Jones came through the front door with a ton of personality. He looked around and was calm as all the googley-eyed women waited to hold him. Finally, after I finished cooking and prepared to sit down, I picked him up and sat on the sofa.

Oh my!

He snuggled his cutsy, wootsy little face into my neck being sure to move my cotton shirt away with his little baby fingers. His mom said he didn't like the feeling of clothing and preferred skin against his face. I didn't mind at all. He snuggled and snuggled and SNUGGLE-WUGGLED until he was into a little, warm ball in my neck. It felt nice... almost like those little class hamsters we had in Mrs. Harris' 1st grade class. They furrow into your hand until they're comfortable, and then they sit there and nap like little angels.

After so long, I felt like maybe he couldn't breathe with his little nose in my neck, so I moved him to my arm. He did the same thing there... pushed my sleeve out the way and snuggled his head into the crease of my arm. He looked up at me with bright, blue, sweet little angel-wangel baby eyes (please excuse the baby language).

I talked to him and told him auntie Steph loved him. He simply looked at me. And it was at THAT moment that I realized I needed one of my own because I was literally about to snuggle his little face off!

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  1. Hmm...I'd never thought about babies not liking clothes on their skin. I'm sure it's soothing to feel the warmth of a body especially if their breast feeding.

    But steph, PLEASE don't snuggle faces off. I don't think the mothers would approve of their kids having to go to kindergarten with only half a cheek. lol