Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Beginning of a Season

I'm a teacher. Everyone knows that, but not everyone knows I'm an exceptional education teacher (read: special ed).

We just had the meeting that begins what can be considered the world series of special education... IEP season!

Its fun and stressful and all the things in between. Last year was my first IEP season, and I met it with all the fervor in my being! Being sure to know what my students needed in order to be successful the following year.

I began the paperwork early and set an example for my other co-workers in grabbing the bull by the horns (well, not really... but I tend to be my own cheerleader).

Then... I stalled slightly but got right back on track. My supervisor, SK, sent my emailed drafts back with red ink - and lots of it. I was taken aback but dug right into the corrections making sure to learn from my mistakes. I felt great! I was getting the hang of it!

A few days later during my lunch break, I walked into SK's office, handed her my documents, sat down, and began sobbing hysterically (hyperventilating and all!). She looked at me and asked the others to close the door. I cried... and cried then said, "I don't know how to do this!"

She took the papers and asked to know what I needed help with. I hung my head and answered her with a shake of my head and more wild tears. I stayed there and cried for 30 minutes reverting to a 2 year, and I was only consoled by breathing deeply into SK's menthol scented Kleenex.

This year... I plan on buying my own box of menthol Kleenex and getting started even earlier with my drafts. I was a rookie last year, but this year, I'm a second year veteran. Bring it on!


  1. Oh steph. You and that sobbing never stop! You can't be breaking down in front of the kids next week.

  2. I don't cry in front of the kids(often)... this incident took place in a office behind closed doors, but I'm sure my face was a red as a fire truck when I got back to class.