Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Riding Shotgun with the Devil

I joined the Biggest Loser competition at my school a few weeks ago, and the plan is to lose 20 pounds even if I don't win the big ole' pot-o-money.

My goal is to get down to the size I was when Zack and I first began dating- the pre-baby weight I should be for someone my height. That magic number is 125.

Now, I know that this number and my current weight (which you have probably calculated) is something that wouldn't concern a lot of people, but my growing "out" is a potential problem.

The way the Biggest Loser game works is that we do the best we can with eating right and working out to lose weight, and then we weigh in with the school nurse every first day of the week.

I had been consistently losing the weight (a whopping 2 pounds), but this Monday, my had work had been derailed due to me backsliding. I ate all kids of crap over the weekend... cake, Moe's, hamburgers, hot wings... all kinds of garbage (but yummy garbage).

Well, after weighing in and finding out that I'd gained my 2 pounds back and while walking back to my classroom, I bumped into a co-worker. She stopped me and said that she'd been looking for me. I instantly know why...

She had been trying to give me the Girl Scout cookies I'd ordered almost two months earlier.

I had ordered a diabetic coma...

Five... FIVE.... boxes of cookies.

I smiled and wrote a check for the cookies and thought about how I'd manage to eat them all without gaining a pound... I'd give them all to Zack and maybe take a few for myself.

This all happened on the day that I had to drive to Smyrna for class which is supposed to let out at 10pm. Well, on the way to class, I get stuck in traffic behind a six car pile-up that derails my plans to get a healthy dinner at Subway.

While sitting in the traffic, I hear my name being called.


I turned up the volume on my ipod.

"Hey! Steph!!! I know you hear me!"

I cut my eyes to the passenger seat.

"Steph, I just wanted you to know that I'm here if you're hungry."

Those darned Samoas were talking to me- trying to work themselves into my renewed (since right before I wrote the check for them) diet.

They kept right on yelling in my ear, and it only took the cookies calling my name once more for me to rip open the box, tear through the plastic wrapping, pull out two cookies, and stuff them in my mouth.

I was instantly satisfied by those 150 empty calories. I actually salivate just thinking about them right now.

I'm going to hide them deep... really deep in the back of the freezer. They'll be a treat when I find them in the summer time!

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