Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Watch What You Eat (in)

I'll tell you what sucks... The job blocking the blog webpages so I can't blog from work. I had really gotten into a grove by getting my blogging done right before the kids came to class. It helped me clear my mind and calm down before my day. I have now filled those 15 minted of planning time with absolutely nothing- or maybe running to the copier to make last minute prints. But anywho...

Since my last post, Zack has found out about BPA. The acronym stands for some super long scientific name for harmful chemicals found in plastic ware. We always knew that those little plastic containers that hold our leftovers were bad for us, but The Doctors confirmed that knowledge for us last week.

The informed us that not only does BPA contribute to some cancers, it also increases sterility or kills eggs or something like that. Zack demanded that we no longer use our plastic bowls in the microwave. So... I had to go to the store to purchase glass storage containers for our food.

On Saturday, I went through of cabinet of a million plastic bowls and tops to throw away the extremely useless ones... You know, the ones with spaghetti sauce stains that you are embassased to pull out and let other people see. I also stacked my mom's Tupperware in a neat pile so that I can return them to her (or not because i'm sure I'll forget).

Silly things is that I already had corningware and pyrex from the wedding, and I only use it when we have company. The corningware is especially for special occasions because I don't want to get the pieces dingy. I'll just use the Pyrex for regular leftovers.

How lame must I be to blog about kitchen stuff? I'm blogging about freaking Pyrex! Who would've ever thought?!

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  1. Hey steph, see if you can blog via email. You may be able to compose a post right in your email client and send it into the blog-o-sphere that way.

    Anywho, yeah plastic is all bad. I got a stainless steel water bottle when I lost my last one 'cause I overheard the cashier say something bad about plastic. I felt her judgmental glare over my shoulder as I was looking at the plastic ones. lol