Monday, July 12, 2010

Screw You, RH!!!

Yeah... How about Restoration Hardware called me yesterday evening, not long after my post about the crib, to tell me that the crib was sold out and that they weren't going to charge me for it...

Talk about PISSED!!!!!

Patrick wakes me up out my nap to apologize and tell me that they didn't have my beloved crib. In order to keep from raging out on this poor sale/customer service rep, I told him to cancel the entire order and to have a nice evening.

I've been searching online for a comparable crib but haven't even come close to the one I loved and I REFUSE to pay $1300 for the only other Expresso colored crib at RH...


SCREW YOU, RH!!!! Screw you for your inability to update your website in a timely enough manner to reflect what you actually have in stock! Screw you for sending me a confirmation email for the crib then calling me three days later to tell me you don't have it. Screw you for forcing me to buy something I don't want!!!


  1. My sister-in-law has a similar crib that she bought from Babies R Us four years ago when her first baby was on the way. She's still using it as a crib at the moment with baby #2, but it converts and does everything the one you wanted does. Check Babies R Us. Maybe they still have it or something similar. Good luck!

  2. Thx Betsy! I actually found one very similar on that we're gonna order.

    Kim, I'm not saavy enough for eBay just yet... Baby steps.

  3. Steph, try JCPenney... no joke. I got J's entire crib set and bookshelves, etc.. everything for $1300 from there. It was also espresso color and converts to a toddler bed and then to a full bed when he gets bigger...

    AND you can have them deliver it to the JCPenney home store in Duluth, GA (pleasant hill) and go and pick it up from there and you won't have to pay any shipping & handling.