Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sometimes They Come Back

I generally have "good" skin. I don't usually get breakouts, nor does my skin react to different chemicals and stuff. I typically wash my face with Biore face scrub once every week or two but can pretty much get away with splashing my face with water.

I didn't even have many breakouts as a teenager, and when I did, it was only one pimple on the side of my nose or in the middle of my forehead. I treated those pimples with toothpaste in order to make them dry up and go away.

But now???

My forehead is constantly broken out with little bumps that are sensitive to sweat, sun, and my beloved Biore face scrub. If I'm outside for more than 30 minutes and start sweating, my face feels like its on fire.

These hormones have my face screwed up!

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