Sunday, July 11, 2010

So long... For now...

So long (for now) to my dreams of having Janet Jackson's abs... *sad face*

The other day, I had scheduled to tutor a student, and as I got dressed, I realized that all... ALL of my jeans are tight in the butt and unbuttonable in the waist. I ended up wearing a pair of pants and looping a rubberband around the button and button hole in order to hold them up. I completed the look with a long shirt.

Just yesterday, I was getting ready for a get together at my neighbor's home, and nothing fit... Not even the beautiful gray silk Ann Taylor skirt I bought two months ago on a mini shopping spree. Oh, I was so hurt because I'd just said, "I will wear this skirt today so that I can at least say that I wore it once."

But nope! I squeezed the skirt over my hips and cussed loudly when I realized that wearing that skirt would become a tragedy.

So what do we do???

Zack and I gather up our garage sale money and attempt to go on a maternity clothes shopping spree...

Long story short... We went to three stores and came home with a pair of khakis, two pairs of jeans, and 4 t-shirts. The selections were piss poor at best! I never knew that the maternity sections at Target, Kohls, and Old Navy were so crappy, but they are!

We bought a "belly band" and will hope for the best... we're also gonna do some shopping online which definitely seems to be the way to go.

I look in the mirror at myself, and although I don't see myself as fat, I do somewhat lament over the fact that I won't have the opportunity to get dancer's abs until the Spring... Zack however, oogles over the fact that my stomach is growing, and he literally lights up like a Christmas tree over the sight. He's now to the point that he rubs my stomach and kisses it... it is horribly cute!


  1. I started showing at about 6 months (I was so sick I lost weight there for a while!) I LIVED by the belly band! I had a black one and it seriously looked like a layered tank under my normal tops. I was worried about my jeans slipping off under it but I never had any problems.

    We have a Motherhood Maternity store nearby so I picked up a few tanks and a denim skirt that had the stretchy band at the top and I was covered. Thankfully babydoll tops were all the rage last year so I spent almost nil on the wardrobe. Most maternity clothes are HIDEOUS and expensive to boot! I didn't want to look like a walking flowerpot!

    One word of wisdom: My feet were so swollen at the end I had to buy new shoes temporarily! Make sure you have something comfortable and versatile to get you through those last few weeks!

  2. Like Miranda, I also LIVED for the belly band. Hell, I use it now to wear my old jeans (unbuttoned). It worked so well until I was 6 months and then started wearing maternity pants. and yes, the maternity sections of old navy, target, etc... are piss poor. They suck. Especially if you are short. I ended up just wearing regular clothes but large. Sucks. Did you see that forever 21 is coming out (or came out) with a maternity line called Love 21 or something like that... also, old navy has nice maternity stuff online but not in the store.

  3. I did not know Love21 had a maternity line!!! I bought a lot of stuff from and some other stuff from Motherhood Maternity. I'm sure that belly band will definitely come in handy now and later.

    I am nervous of how my feet will look going into the winter... hopefully, my feet won't swell too bad :-S

  4. I got some super cheap stuff from Burlington Coat Factory.