Thursday, June 9, 2011

Insufficient Funds???

I took baby to daycare today so that I could get some stuff done. I watched DVR'd episodes of Braxton Family Values (which I am secretly addicted to), went to the gym, and went to Walmart.

While at Walmart, I wanted to get a gift for Charlie's teacher's birthday as well as pick up a few groceries. I got the necessities: three boxes of the same cereal, greek yogurt, eggs, OJ, all kinds of fruit, some frozen veggies, baby formula, diapers, and some other stuff.

I get to the register to use my $5.76 coupon for the formula, and the lady isn't sure how to ring it up. Is it a check or cash? She asks, and the manager told her that it was both. I swipe my debit card before she finishes (as I always do), and the register freezes. We have to wait for a manager.

She eventually realizes that she'll have to ring up my stuff all over again, so we move to another register. I swipe my debit card again and the register reads: Not Approved.


I swipe again...


I swipe my AMEX, and it goes through.

The manager and sales associate tell me that I should check with my bank to see if they froze my account because of the previous swipe on the first register. I agree.

I call my mom to tell her about my ordeal, and she states that that has never happened to her even though she has swiped and cancelled the transaction. I make up some excuse and go on about my day.

When I get home, I decide to check out my back account, and lo and behold.....

I'm low on funds!

This for the girl who has NEVER had to balance a checkbook, check her account, or worry about low funds! The first and only time I've ever over drafted my account was in 2006 when I paid my car note twice in a week.

oh well... I guess thats what happens when your paycheck is $300...

I'll only be buying the bare necessities from here on out.

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  1. I've definitely been in this situation before and it is quite embarrasing. I don't understand the recent latency with my bank and updating/applying payments/debits to my account but they a slow with that from time to time.

    Now, I make it a habit to check my account at the start of the day and I do so before I make a large purchase as well. There are even sometimes where I, dare I say it, use cash.. >.<