Sunday, October 28, 2012

Highs and Lows

I am excited about going to my college's homecoming this year!


I am in the process of applying for entrance into a Specialist in Education degree program.  I'm extremely nervous excited about the idea of going back to school.

Assuming the GRE is a part of the process, I look up dates to take it.  The only date available this year is on the same day as my college's homecoming. 


I call the University to which I am applying, and the associate tells me that GRE scores are good for ten years! I can still go to homecoming!!!


I check the GRE website to get my scores from 2004 and find that they don't keep scores past seven years.


I am pissed that I will have to miss homecoming and pay way too much money for this exam.


After talking with my husband, I decide to call the university to talk to them about the requirements. I find out that the GRE is not required for the program!

*super high!*

I get to go to homecoming!!!


  1. Whew! What a ride! Good luck on the new venture! I envy you being a student again! I love being a student...

  2. Lmao, I felt that one like it was my own venture. Have fun at homecoming and good luck with your new book learning :)

  3. Haaahahaha...good for you...the story results with SUPER high. Good wishes for your school time. Also brave of you, hoooray.

  4. Steph! What a cleaver post! I loved it. I kept saying "oh no" The finally let out a yelp of celebration for you! Thanks for your nice compliments about my costume and make up. Hey, maybe I should wear more makeup now days. hahahahaha.

  5. Hello! Thanks for your recent comment regarding your weather area. It is nice to hear the various places where everyone is in Blogland. I just assume everyone is miles and miles from me because I'm in "out in the middle of nowhere" Utah.

    hahahaha, I have updated my profile pic from the last time I commented (10-31) above. I just love making things new and improved, I guess.

  6. Where have you been my friend? It has been days since you were around. Thanks for the nice words and stroking my confidence. Today everyone has been so great to me. I LOVE IT!!!!!!

    Are you posting again soon? I miss you.

    hahahahaha ~ I just noticed I have a collection of changed profile pics right here on this here comment section alone. hahahahaha.

  7. YaY...oh no...YAY>>YAY>>oh no! YAYYYYY! What a turn of events! Don't you hate how people give you the run around!