Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Inspiration Monday (or Tuesday)- Blue Blazers

I'm not sure if I agree with her sleeves being pulled over her hands, but this is a comfortable look.

I wore this on Sunday so that I could run (very quickly) to the mall to find something to wear for our family photo shoot that was taking place later that day.  I only had about an hour and a half, so I reached for my thrifted Ralph Lauren blazer, jeans, gray cotton tee, and Toms (I LOVE my Toms). 

I wore the blazer again on Monday but with a pair of "shorts" (they're like slacks that stop at my knees).  I am so proud to be able to wear these shorts again! They didn't fit for a while after I gained all of my post-baby weight (yes, I was heavier several months after having Charlie than I was immediately after giving birth).  And... I finally found a way to wear them that doesn't make me look shorter than I am... the length of these shorts can literally make me look like am elf. I don't think I realized how much they dwarf me until I saw Clinton (on What Not to Wear) talking to a woman about how cropped pants make everyone look shorter.  I took that bit of advice as me needing to get rid of anything that isn't floor length (while wearing platforms).
I also got Charlie in on the fun! He was trying on his family photo outfit which just so happened to include a navy sweater.


  1. Ok - cool. Better late than never! I always say if I don't have it by Monday then, heck it's too late but it goes all week, really. I am getting more brave to get it out there in a full length shot, soon, ya soon. hahahahaha. Charlie is adorable!!

  2. awwww so pretty *-* and Charlie is suuuuuper cute ♥♥♥♥♥♥ :$

  3. I love both looks! You've got casual and dressy down with that blazer! And your baby boy is TOO adorable!!


  4. Charlie is adorable! I love my Toms too (mine are also red, but sequinned!)
    I popped over from the Inspiration Monday linkie- sorry I am so late to come over, I always forget to go back and check the other blogs after I’ve read those posted above me! You look wonderful!

  5. Oh...cute blazer outfits. It's fun to see the inspired outfit.

  6. Charlie is SO adorable! As a short girl, I usually stay away from cropped pants, too!

  7. Aw Charlie is so adorable! I like your interpretation. I also think it's kinda funky that she leaves her cuffs below her hands--strange. Thanks so much for your kind comments on my blog!