Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Battle of the Sexes

Many of my coworkers are pregnant and due this school year. Seriously, based on the number of women at my school who are pregnant, you'd think we all made some kind of pregnancy pact. One baby was born last fall, one last May, another this past summer, and there is a baby due every month from November to April (except December). I suppose that's what happens when working with a bunch of young women.

So far, little baby girls are dominating. The ratio is about 2 girls to 1 boy... Which is probably the national average, but that is totally besides the point... The point is that it really seems like there are way more girls than boys.

Since I'm not finding out the sex of my baby, I'm trying to predict the sex of my kid based on the sexes of my friends' babies (instead of a more scientific method like coordinating my ovulation and sex dates).

See... TJ has a one year old son, AC has a girl, KC has a girl, SR is having a girl, and KG is having a girl... KH is the only one in a year to have a boy as far as we know because we don't yet know what HV and I are having.

So, with that information, I'm declaring my baby a boy... Well, at least this week I am.

Because I don't want TJ's and KH's sons to get all the attention of the pretty little girls!

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