Saturday, September 11, 2010

Slightly Off Topic

So... i have a few friends I've been "close" with for a very long time. No, we don't talk on a regular basis or see each other more than twice a year, but we still consider ourselves good friends.

Well, today... I find out that the one I've been friends with since the age of eleven and who was the maid of honor in my wedding has moved or is moving to New York (like, today).

I got no phone call. No text message. No email.

I found out through her status update on Facebook!!! Based on how other people were responding, she must've told them weeks ago.

WTF!!! WTfreakinF!!!!!

I also sent this chick a text message of my baby's sonogram the morning I got it, and she hasn't called or returned the text yet. That was over a week ago.

Is this anything new? No! She constantly and has always done things like this but insists that I shouldn't take it personally.

Well, today is a new day. I don't know if its the hormones or simply being fed up with being treated like a stranger, but I'm totally over it.

I tend to treat my friendships like romantic relationships. I'm fiercely loyal and will take a lot of crap, but I know when its time to move on. And now, with this relationship, it is time to move on.

I understand that our lives and decisions have taken us on different paths, but DAMN!

She can definitely consider this relationship over... no invite to the baby shower. No call when the baby is born. No answering anymore of her calls. No nothing. No more listening to her whiny ass act like I'm over reacting to her treating me this way. NO MORE because I'm effing over it!

And funny thing... I'm so sure she won't know how I feel until someone else tells her because this chick has NEVER read my blog!