Friday, January 7, 2011

Look! No hands!

So... Here I am.

Sitting in my bed.

Hooked up to a breast pump.

That may not seem strange since it is now big business for women to breastfeed. I didn't seem strange to me either especially since my husband went out and purchased one of the nicest pumps out there, the Freestyle Medela.

I was really excited about using it as It allows me to pump with no hands. The pump attachments hook to my nursing bra straps and the pump does the rest.

This is the first time I've hooked it up to use it handsfree. If I wanted, I could fold laundry, cook dinner, or complete a yon of other household chores all while pumping both breasts. As I look down at this contraption, I feel like one of those cows hooked to a milking machine. I feel weird. I feel like cow.


  1. Well, you are kinda doing the same thing that the cows do when they're hooked up...but I'M SURE you don't look like a cow. That would be udderly ridiculous.


    Just kidding. :-)

  2. Welcome to mama hood Steph! Best club in da' world! Also, welcome to the Dairy club... it's fun times... :)