Monday, September 17, 2012

Inspiration Monday

I love Eva Mendez! I absolutely think she's hilarious... from All About the Benjamins to Hitch... she is just awesome! I'm glad to see her as the inspiration over at Two Birds this week.
Her outfit is so cool and relaxed.
Hers is exactly the type of outfit I'd like to wear to work because it is so simple and.... frankly, as close to sweats and pajamas as you can get for professional wear. That mentality is probably why I have had these pants for so long.  They are linen and are worn to perfection... In fact, they are so worn that they don't even feel like linen anymore... they feel like plain ole cotton pants.  They are the only pair of pants that I wore before, during (with the help of a belly band), and after my pregnancy.  I literally went through my closet and got rid of all the non-maternity pants and shirts that I wore during my pregnancy except these pants and a few cardigans.  I refuse to let them go!
I really wanted Charlie to be in the picture, but as I pulled him close, I noticed that he didn't have on a diaper because he had just gotten off the potty.  But... as you can see, he's carrying his beloved trains.  He insisted that I see his choo-choos... That kid LOVES his "Tahnnas" and "Pershee".  My husband and I intend to take him down to south Georgia to ride the real Thomas the Train... I'm actually very excited about meeting Thomas and Sir Topham Hat myself! 


  1. you are hilarious! the inspiration for yours is a ton better than mine. I'm not even in those pics (except the waterride one) but even then you can't see me in it hardly. (strain your eyes - or enlarge the pic). Next week I swear it will be me...if I get my photos into a program that will work...... lol

  2. I pinned that same Eva Mendes photo too! Loved the look, and your look too! Your outfit is great!

  3. I love that you did pants for this inspiration! I tend to go way literal. Hope your year is going well!

  4. your outfit nails the stylish & comfort that everyone wants at work. charlie sounds like a darling.

  5. Hey, I love this interpretation of the outfit! Love the trousers, they are really nice! I was a little late with this week but I loved Eva's outfit as an inspiration and finally managed to get it in!