Monday, September 3, 2012

Inspiration Monday

This week is a model named Jessica Hart. She is wearing animal print jeans and a rocker tee... none of which I have in my closet.
I do, however, have a shirt that is similar to the print of the jeans, so that is what I wore. I had high hopes for being able to do this week's Inspiration Monday, but I fell short of accomplishing my goal since I didn't get a picture of just me and the outfit, but I cropped it so that I can feel like I actually took a picture of it.
My kid's expression is a depiction of how we both felt at the time.  He was sleepy and hot, and I was frustrated that he wasn't able to control himself the entire time we were out with my friends.  Unfortunately, he woke up at 6:30 that morning and did not go back to sleep, so when we got to the restaurant at 10:00am, he was sleepy and fussy.  His behavior became so embarrassing that I had to take him out of the restaurant and sit outside so that we wouldn't be a problem for any of the other people. Luckily, we were in the Highlands (a very trendy, hip, "granola" part of town) and there was an outdoor farmers' market next to the restaurant.  We walked around a while to relax although I desperately wanted to be with my friends since Kim was in town, and we were celebrating her birthday. *sigh* We made it through the brunch and post-brunch snack, and this is the picture we took just before getting in the car.  Even though he was crazy the entire time, we did get a picture of him flying at Alon's bakery where we shared an apple danish!  I look forward to shopping there in the future for fresh bread and local jellies and honey.

All in all, Charlie handled himself as best he could, and I'm proud of him for sacrificing his nap time so that I could hang out. Brunch was good, and my friends were awesome! I love these girls, and I'm so happy for having them in my life!


  1. Ah, that's lovely that you got to spend time with your friends. Sorry, I did giggle when I saw his anguished expression in the first shot- such a contrast to your lovely smile! The top is brilliant and I think you did a great inversion of the look! I like your positive outlook on the day!

  2. Cute top! I'm glad Charlie liked the bakery! Sleep is so important!

  3. i love your top! and it looks great with those jeans. i'm glad you still had a great time! it can be so hard sometimes, but usually the parent is more aware of their child's behavior than anyone else it. i'm sure everyone else thought he was just fine!!

  4. making the rounds late for inspiration monday
    i like that you flipped the print to the top
    cute blouse

  5. he looks so happy for not having napped! i love the white jeans with the animal print top. so crisp!