Thursday, March 3, 2011

Just to be Close to You

We have three beds in our room... Two belong to the baby: my grandmother's one hundred year old cradle and the crib. The baby sleeps in the cradle right next to my side of the bed, and the crib is multi-purposing as a changing table and a mat for tummy time.

With all this sleep space for Chipmunk, he prefers to sleep in our bed. He can sleep there for hours. The problem is... I don't want to get into a habit of allowing him to sleep in our bed. I generally hold him in our bed until he falls asleep then I put him in the cradle. Before I get back on the bed and fall asleep, hes wimpering and crying, and Zack is telling me to bring him back to our bed. It get annoying.

Then today while on the phone with my mom, I noticed how good Chipmunk was sleeping in our bed (he slept there for nearly four hours!). Then it hit me...

It's not the bed itself that Chipmunk is after... He's after our scents which just so happened to be in the sheets and comforter.

So, I tried placing the shirt I wore today in the cradle with him, and what do you know... It worked!!!

He stopped whimpering and went back to sleep!

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  1. Lucky you; that never worked for me. But, now she sleeps in her bed at night. It only took nine months.